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Is It Better to Ingest or Topically Apply Collagen for Younger-Looking Skin?

Collagen is one of the most popular topics in the beauty industry because of its role in making you look younger. In fact, many women turn to collagen products to restore their bodies’ ability to produce more collagen. Unfortunately, most women are confused because of the different collagen products on the market. Plus, these products are available in various forms. To help you choose the best product, we decided to compare the different forms of collagen. So, is it better to ingest or topically apply collagen? Here are some details about oral VS topical collagen for younger-looking skin.

What is Topical Collagen?

As you know, anti-aging creams are popular beauty products. After all, they promise to deliver anti-aging benefits after you’ve rubbed them on your skin. However, are they really effective?

Topical collagen is a collagen-containing product that you apply to your skin. It comes in various forms, including lotions, creams, ointments, and serums. You will reap the benefits of these beauty products once your skin absorbs them. However, most topical collagen products can only moisturize your skin.

Keep in mind that collagen molecules are large. Because of their size, they can’t penetrate your skin’s top layer. Remember, most of your collagen is located in the second layer of your skin. As such, the collagen molecules must reach the second layer to deliver anti-aging effects. Unfortunately, the collagen molecules in topical collagen products are too large to reach that layer.

What is Oral Collagen?

Aside from topical products, you can also purchase collagen supplements that you can take orally or by mouth. Oral collagen supplements come in various forms, like capsules and powder drinks.

Keep in mind that the collagen in oral collagen products is designed to be broken down by your body. Once the collagen is broken down into smaller amino acids, your body can absorb them easily. From there, your body can reap the benefits of these products to improve your health.

Oral VS Topical Collagen

Is it better to ingest or topically apply collagen for younger-looking skin? Based on the above mentioned details about oral VS topical collagen, we can conclude that oral supplements are better.

Keep in mind that bioavailability or the rate of absorption is the key to the product’s effectiveness. As presented, topical collagen can’t penetrate your skin because of its molecular size. As such, it is not absorbed by your body.

On the other hand, oral collagen can be broken down into smaller amino acids, allowing your body to absorb it. For this reason, you will get the anti-aging effects of collagen if you take them orally. However, the quality and source of collagen are also important. For this reason, experts recommend buying oral collagen supplements from reputable sellers to ensure effectiveness.

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