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Is He Marriage Material?

When we start a relationship, most of us think that it will all be rainbows and sunshine. However, all relationships will need more than your initial feelings of love and infatuation. Somewhere down the road, there will be challenges that can strengthen your relationship. For this reason, it is vital that you know if your man is marriage material. Remember, a successful marriage will require a lot of hard work; thus, you have to be sure that he is the right one before saying, “I do.” So, what are the signs that your man is marriage material?

1. He Communicates Clearly

A lot of people can’t communicate their needs and wants clearly. Oftentimes, they would expect that you already know what they want even without saying it, leading to disappointments. For this reason, you’ll know if your man is ready for marriage if he can communicate his needs and desires. Sometimes, revealing your needs and desires can make you vulnerable; thus, you’ll know that your man is committed to you if he can comfortably express them to you.

2. He’s Willing to Compromise

One of the best signs that your man is marriage material is when he is willing to compromise. Oftentimes, we want things to always go our way. However, give and take is a vital part of a relationship. For this reason, when you’re guy is willing to sacrifice something for your happiness, it means that he respects and loves you. Of course, you should also be willing to compromise when needed.

3. He’s Emotionally Available

As you know, expressing our feelings can make us vulnerable. For this reason, most of us avoid sharing our feelings and emotions, especially men. However, a successful marriage requires openness, and sharing your feelings with each other can make your relationship strong. As such, you’ll know that your man is ready to enter the next phase of your relationship if he is able to open up and share his vulnerable side with you, which is his feelings and emotions.

4. Most of Your Values are Similar

Finally, the last on this list of signs that your man is marriage material is when the two of you share almost the same values. Keep in mind that having similar values doesn’t mean that you agree on everything. It means that your principles are aligned with each other. That way, when you’re already married, you can raise your children with the same values and principles.


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