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Is Botox the Cure for Summer Frizz?

Summer frizz is a common problem for women who want their hair sleek and straight. The heat and humidity of summer can make your hair look unkempt and unruly. When you sweat, it leaves your hair damp. As a result, it will frizz out and puff up in the back. Even many hours of maintenance may not work to tame thick, unruly hair.


Botox, known for several years to cosmetically freeze muscles that can cause lines and fine wrinkles, can be used to keep hair sleek and frizz-free!
When injected into the scalp, the treatment will block nerves that supply sweat glands. The result? Hair will be less frizzy and you won’t even have to wash it as often!
It stops the perspiration that makes hair look messy and unappealing. This is especially the case in menopausal women who may experience night sweats. So, if you are spending hours trying to keep your hair smooth, Botox injections might be the answer to sleek, shiny and manageable hair!


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