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Irresponsible Doctor Claims Clean Eating is a “Fad” and Dangerous

“Shock Doc” Dr. Max Pemberton said clean eating does more damage than good.

In a controversial new article on the Daily Mail, Dr. Max Pemberton makes shockingly irresponsible claims that eating whole, unprocessed foods is somehow dangerous. “Clean eating” has been a trending movement for the past few years. Basically, it means to focus on a diet devoid of processed foods. Simple, whole foods that are not processed at all or minimally processed are the foods clean eaters focus on. However, this shock doc claims to believe this “fad” diet is something we should all “dread.”

Why? He believes this way of eating can lead to orthorexia, an unhealthy fixation on righteous eating. What Dr. Pemberton fails to appreciate, besides that he is dealing with ill persons, is that this “fad
diet” is not a fad. Indeed, humans have survived and thrived for centuries without processed foods. In fact, up until <100 years ago, we ate only what came from Mother Nature. We grew vegetables in our own gardens, sourced foods locally, and ate a clean diet by default. Processed foods were only introduced into human diets in the 20th
century. This, incidentally, is very likely a contributing factor to our growing pharmaceutical industry and dependence on medications. For literally thousands of years prior, humans survived without processed foods or pharmaceutical giants controlling our every move.

Dr. Pemberton Confuses Eating Disorders with Clean Eating

In addition, Dr. Pemberton specializes in patients with eating disorders. In many cases, his patients are extreme cases sent to him because other doctors weren’t able to treat them. So he is already working with a group of individuals who are suffering from psychological issues that manifest themselves through poor eating habits. He states that his patients suffer because they are obsessed with eating “clean”, when in reality they are people suffer from an eating disorder and are not eating properly – regardless of clean eating. Individuals who have body dysmorphia issues and other eating disorders are seeking control in their otherwise chaotic lives. So, naturally, some are going to be attracted to the concept of clean eating. This does not mean that clean eating is the issue. Rather, the issue is what it has always been: an eating disorder.

He should be ashamed of the fact that he is bashing healthy persons bettering their lives based on only a small portion of individuals who suffer from other issues. He is also using only the most extreme cases to make us think clean eating is the culprit. What Dr. Pemberton is suggesting is that promoting a healthy diet of not consuming processed food is somehow irresponsible or unhealthy!

He even seems to demonize sisters Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley, authors of the book, “The Art of Eating Well.” He said they epitomize this trend and “play on their looks and life stories to influence their audience and make them buy into their food philosophy.” Dr. Pemberton acts as if these two women are luring others into the cult of “clean eating” by looking good, promoting health, and being friendly!

In fact, many are wondering if Dr. Pemberton was somehow sponsored by processed food manufacturers
for his outlandish claims. One commenter wrote:

“Rubish! Food is not just food. There are huge differences in food quality which is the point of eating “clean”. This doctor sounds like he’s in the pocket of the processed food industry!”

And yet another commenter posted:

“The women this doctor is seeing clearly have no understanding of what clean eating is at all and it is so unfair to keep blaming writers like the Hemsley sisters and Ella Woodward because the very restricted eating that these young women are doing isn’t advocated by them at all. Perhaps the doctor and Daily Mail should read their books before making these sweeping comments.”

“There’s nothing wrong with clean eating if it is done correctly. Eating fresh, unprocessed food that is made from scratch does not make you ill.”


And finally, a brilliant point made by another:

“The sort of women the good doctor is describing (vertebrae sticking out, struggling to hold their neck up, muscles eating away, etc) don’t seem to describe the two Hemsley sisters – they don’t look like their bones are sticking out – so I have no idea why you’re putting their faces on this article as if to blame them.”

In a nutshell, the concept of clean eating is not even about being vegan or vegetarian. After all, many who ascribe to this way of eating also eat meat and dairy. It is about eating a balanced diet of minimally processed foods. Think back to the way our grandparents ate.and their parents. Eating as naturally as possible can’t be bad. And it certainly isn’t the reason for an eating disorder.




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