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Interview with Owner of Lions, Tigers & Bears, an Exotic Animal Rescue Organization

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How do your animals come to you? By referral Or, do you actively seek out animals to rescue?

The sad truth is, we don’t have to look very far for animals that are in desperate need of rescue. We get countless calls each month from concerned citizens and private owners looking for help. In many cases authorities and first responders will call us because they are not trained with exotics. The current need for reputable lifetime homes for exotic animals is unprecedented. That is why it is so important to have accredited sanctuaries like LTB to step in and provide lifetime homes when the need arises.

You are most certainly in this for your heart but it is definitely a business.
What are the top business skills that are a must to do this?
Is there an education your recommend for anyone wanting to set up this type of a facility?

Skills: Passionate, driven, strong, hard-working.

A degree in business and a strong first-hand experience with animals.

There is a lot of money needed to start and expand.
Realistically, can you give us a ballpark figure of what it cost to start and continue for a 10-year period?

The 10-year operating costs [are approximately] $1 million a year.

What is the plan should anything happen to you to make sure the facility is able to continue?

A contingency plan is in place incase anything happens to me (life insurance policy). A contingency plan is a must, as lack of a contingency plan is how LTB ended up with most of its rescued animals. Owners get these animals and don’t take into account the unexpected, from divorce, death, or terminal illness, and then it is the animal that ends up paying the price.

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