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Interview with Liza Glucoft: The Woman Who Launched Branded Video

This amazing woman has helped launch branded video on multiple platforms. The reason you see video on Facebook, Instagram, and on every magazine’s website today has a lot to do with her.

Liza Glucoft was just named the Executive Producer of Programming at  Awesomeness TV (ATV). Liza has a long career- 10+ years- as a digital launcher!

She began as one of the first employees at Who What Wear where she launched branded video. She then became an early joiner to Popsugar as the Head of Fashion & Beauty, Video and launched their live show. Following her success there, Liza was asked to be one of the first employees at Conde Nast Entertainment, which was created to launch video content across the magazine’s brand, and she oversaw video across all the main titles (except Golf).  Liza then became the Head of Video at Thrive Market before launching her own production company where she completed video content for clients including Nestle, ATV, Conde Nast, Darby Smart and more!

In addition, Liza recently sold two pilots to Gunpowder & Sky, one if which was jointly then sold to Facebook for their new Spotlight Program (premiered this September called That Detox Life)  Liza has not only been of the early adopters of digital entertainment, she has been leading the content revolution across digital for more than a decade.

Liza talks with us about the power of micro-influencers, her typical busy day, and how to break into this part of the industry.

Q&A with Liza Glucoft

Did you know when you started in digital that influencers would have the type of power they have today? 

When I started in digital, it was at Who What Wear and it was still a time when fashion editors and celebrities were dictating trends; however, it was right when the blogger movement was starting to happen. So there was beginning to be a sense that people other than celebrities could hold influence over their peers.

How do you find influencers for the programs you produce for AwesomenessTV and the shows you create? 

AwesomenessTV has its own influencer network it pulls from, but, in reality, all these YouTubers are friends, so occasionally we pull from outside the network. How we cast is purely based on a familiarity with the style of each influencer and what content they’re best suited for. We always want it to resonate with them and be authentic to their voice.

What’s your view on micro-influencers vs. celebrity influencers? 

As the world becomes driven by search, share, and data, and our streams are surfacing what we like more and more (as opposed to contrary viewpoints), there is the possibility that micro-influencers will resonate more with their targeted demo than celebrities.

Who in your opinion is influencing your influencers? 

Where are they getting the latest styles, trends, fashion tips from? I think they’re turning to traditional media less and less and turning more to their peer groups as well as strategic brands.

What separates an “influencer” from a ‘Creator” in your eyes?

Both can have massive numbers, but how do you measure who can take their platform and create a series with it? I guess the difference is that a creator is usually creating video content on their platform while an influencer can include bloggers and Instagrammers.

What does a typical day look like for you? 

The amazing thing about production is there’s not really any typical day; it’s a constant rollercoaster of planning and putting out fires! At any given moment, I’m in preproduction, production, or post (or a combo of all three!) so I’m staffing up a show, developing the content, writing scripts, casting, setting up the look and feel, going on a location scout, having meetings, on set directing, sitting in the edit…The only constant is a workout every morning!

If you had any advice to share with other women breaking into the industry, what would it be?

Hustle, hustle, hustle. You also have to have a passion for your work so that you take pride in it and rise above the others. Your passion will push you through the tough times and keep you going. Resilience is really important!

Even when you are behind the scenes, it’s important to always look professional and be ready for anything. What are your go –to glam tips?

A cute pair of flats/sneakers. I’m always on my feet on set and need to be ready to do anything from moving set pieces to calling action.

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