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Inspirational Woman: Robin McGraw

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Q: Can you touch upon what you teach kids about bystander responsibility?

I’m happy to! Our young people need to feel empowered to speak up when they witness behavior that isn’t right, or alert someone in authority who can take action. It’s important that we help change the attitude and thinking of generations to come.
We need to teach our young people to treat others with dignity and respect in order to end the cycle of abuse.
I always told my sons that if they’re witness to bullying or violence and don’t do anything to help, they’re just as much at fault as the bully. I can remember one day my younger son, Jordan, came home and said that he needed nine dollars to take to school the next day. I think he was probably in third grade. When I asked him why he needed the money, he said that there was a kid at school who wore the same pair of bad jeans every day, and was teased mercilessly behind his back for doing so. Jordan had gone to the kid and said he would give him a dollar for every day in a row that he didn’t wear the pants in question. He made a bet to see how long the boy could go without wearing the jeans. I realized that Jordan had tried to come up with a way to stop the teasing without hurting the boy’s feelings, and felt a great sense of pride in him for wanting to do the right thing! That’s the kind of behavior we need to encourage, and we need to start young.

Q: In addition to being an activist and philanthropist, you have a very successful lifestyle brand, Robin McGraw Revelation. Tell us about some of your products.

Robin McGraw Revelation launched with record-breaking success on HSN with a collection of skincare products that I’m very proud of! The brand is growing quickly and has already expanded to include fragrance, lipgloss and candles, among other lifestyle products.

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, I’d actually like to expand on the fragrance line, named after my mother, Georgia. I started with more that 300 notes and worked with top perfumers for more than three years till I felt like I had the perfect fragrance! I had narrowed it down to a few final choices and it was actually on Mother’s Day that I marked the bottom of the bottle that was my favorite, and asked my family to smell them and choose which they thought was the one. Phillip, Jay and Jordan ALL picked the fragrance I had marked, and I knew I had my fragrance!

The beautiful fragrance lasts without being overwhelming, making it a perfect signature scent for day or night. Speaking of signatures, I also want to point out that it’s my mother’s actual signature on the bottle. That was an important detail to me, as she was the inspiration behind the fragrance. In addition to the eau de parfum, the collection includes a shower gel, body butter and hand cream.

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