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Innovative Ways of Styling Your Jeans

Styling Your Jeans

In case you missed it, denim is where it’s at. Denim is the one item of clothing that has remained trendy throughout decades and generations; it’s a versatile item that never goes out of style, and is constantly revamped and revitalized by fashionistas who find new ways to style it every season. Whether you’re a trendsetter or a trend-follower, you won’t want to miss these innovative ways of styling your jeans.



Boyfriend jeans get their name from the baggy nature of men’s jeans, especially on a delicate and feminine frame. Though they’re purchasable in the women’s department as “boyfriend jeans”, you very well could make a stylish outfit from your actual boyfriend’s jeans as long as they don’t completely swallow you whole. How do you do this stylishly? Use a wide belt to ensure that the jeans hit you right where they should .¨ at the waist .¨ and wear with them a fitted tee for a sporty look. The fitted top will flatter a tiny frame, and paired with the baggy denim, you’ll have a casually unintentional yet incredibly trendy look.


styling your jeans boyfriend jeans




Straight Legged Jeans… Dress Them Up

Sure, you can wear straight leg jeans with your favorite white sneaks and a fitted tee, or you could create a more preppy or dressy look by rolling the cuff and pairing them with heels and a fitted button up shirt (tucked in, of course). Do this when you want to showcase your heels, as they’ll likely steal the show if worn correctly in an outfit.


styling your jeans straight leg jeans



Mix and Match

Denim on denim is the name of the game this winter, as is pairing multiple denim (or denim like) pieces together. Consider pairing a chambray with a pair of dark skinny jeans, and then topping off the outfit with a bright colored accessory, like a bright red hand bag. The outfit itself? Classy. Basic. Simply adorable. The pop of color? Adds a little something that would otherwise be missing.


styling your jeans mix and match denim on denim



Black Cropped Jeans with Flats – Almost Dressy, Just Casual

Black takes every item of clothing up a notch or two on the “dressy” scale, and cropped jeans are adorably Audrey. For those times you’d like to hover in the “almost dressy” zone, consider wearing your black cropped jeans with a pair of black flats, and a comfortably casual shirt (like a patterned button up). You’ll come across looking like you cared today (but not too hard) .¨ the ultimate in chic.


styling your jeans black crop jeans



Skinny Jeans and Over the Knee Boots

Over the knee boots grab attention like nobody’s business, so when paired with your favorite skinnies? Big time win. Wear this look with a long sweater, a cuffed dressy blouse, or your favorite tunic for a look that can be a little more glam than most would bargain for.


styling your jeans skinny jean and over the knee boots



Jeans are classic, timeless. They’re in style at all times because of their versatility. Do yourself a favor: invest in several different fits, and keep up with how you can style your jeans to stay ahead of the trends.

styling your jeans photo by Imani Clovis via Unsplash

Main photo by
Imani Clovis via Unsplash







Innovative Ways of Styling Your Jeans

Innovative Ways of Styling Your Jeans

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