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NEW Crazy Beauty Items You Just Have to Try!

Try these new makeup items that are so easy to use!

We just love these new beauty gadgets that are so fun and easy to use! They make becoming gorgeous a snap!

Eyebrow Stamp

When we first heard of the eyebrow stamp, we wondered if it would actually work. After pushing the applicator into the brow powder, you simply stamp it where you want your brow to be. Voila! It worked surprisingly well! In fact, our brows were even and straight. We were then able to fill in to our liking! The kit we chose offered three colors: light, medium and dark. And offered two shape choices: straight and curved. We chose curved and the medium color and the results were amazing!

eye brow stamp


Eyeliner Stencil

How many of us try and try to achieve the perfect cat eye with liquid liner? This look definitely takes a steady hand! Well, stress no more with the help of an eyeliner stencil! ICYDK, you can create the perfect eyeliner by using the stencil as a guide! This is much more precise than most of us are able to achieve free-handed and the results will give you perfect top and bottom eyeliner without smudges, smears or having to start all over again!

eyeliner stencil


Peel off Lipstick

When we first heard of peel off lipstick, we said, “whaaa?” We wondered how long it would last. Would it appear like plastic? Would your mouth move like a muppet? And would it be painful to take off? Now however, we view it as a fun and trendy way to wear lipstick! The tint will last up to 12 hours and will peel off instantly and painlessly. If you want your lipstick to stay all night long, this is the product for you!



Eyebrow Stencil

For those of you wanting another option for creating full, lush eyebrows, why not try the eyebrow stencil? This is a template that allows you to color inside the pattern to create the brows of your liking. You can use either powder or pencil and you’ll achieve balanced brows with a soft arch! And there’s no more guesswork so brows will always look perfect!

eyebrow stencil


The Vamp Stamp

If you want perfectly winged eyeliner, why not try The Vamp Stamp? It makes achieving this sexy look a breeze with the help of a stamp!
It is available in two different sizes: medium for a subtle look and large for that va-va- voom effect!

vamp stamp





No Arch? The New Eyebrow Trend, Straight Brows









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