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Injured In A Pedestrian Accident: 6 Immediate Steps You Shouldn’t Miss

Over 160 Edmonton pedestrians are injured in car accidents every year. Nearly five of those collisions turn out fatal. These kinds of accidents can lead to life-changing disabilities and catastrophic financial losses. You might lose work hours, incur thousands of medical bills, and experience severe trauma. If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident, consult Edmonton pedestrian accident lawyers who can help you overcome all three challenges. However, you can take a few steps at the accident spot to solidify your legal claim.

1) Call for Medical Assistance

Your health is the most important consideration after a collision. Severe injuries don’t always make themselves known straight away. Shock can mask pain, so getting an assessment from a qualified healthcare provider is crucial. That said, this is when the evidence is at its best, so contact local law enforcement as soon as you’ve called for medical assistance. If your injuries are too severe to gather photographs and numbers, police presence at the scene will bolster your case.

An emergency room assessment is one of the most powerful things you can do to prove your damages. The sooner you see a doctor, the more convincing your evidence will be. Remember that personal injury cases draw more compensation when there’s solid diagnostic evidence, so X-rays and the like are key.

2) Gather Contact Information

Eyewitnesses disperse quickly. If your injuries aren’t life-threatening, exchanging information with everyone involved in the collision is essential. If there are eyewitnesses in sight, gather their contact details as well. You should also collect the insurance details of the at-fault party. While the police will gather their evidence, you should also take your photographs. If you see skid marks, car dents, or any other forms of damage, assume that an expert could use them to prove the cause of the accident. Make sure you snap the scene from different angles. You can’t take too many photographs, but you can certainly take too few.

3) Don’t Admit Guilt

Admitting guilt to eyewitnesses and at-fault parties can weaken your case, so avoid any comments that could be interpreted this way. Don’t apologize or express a sense of guilt. It’s also best to keep the experience off of social media. Tweets and blog posts can be used against you in court. It’s best to limit your communication to the absolute minimum lest you accidentally harm your chances in a personal injury trial.

4) Make Sure the Police Take Your Statement

Almost 40% of police reports don’t include a statement from the pedestrian, particularly if they’re sent to urgent care. The police must record your version of events. Your voice matters, so don’t be afraid to question the police report. This paperwork can be amended to reflect the situation more accurately. Call a lawyer if the officer refuses to take your statement or fix inaccuracies.

5) Start Making an Insurance Claim

Once you’ve dealt with the urgent aspects of your collision, it’s time to phone the driver’s insurance company to launch a claim. It’s best to limit your narrative to the essential facts, no matter how much they pressure you into providing more details. You’re not required to disclose facts about your medical care, police report, or partial fault.

6) Keep Track of Follow-Up Care

The more detailed your medical care is, the stronger your case will be, so go to all your recommended follow-up appointments. Request diagnostics if necessary. Keep an ongoing record of your medical bills and transportation costs. If you miss time off work, add your lost income to your records. These details will ultimately go to an insurer, but it’s best to seek legal advice before you hand them over.

Personal injury settlements can be difficult to secure without legal help. Insurers and at-fault parties are notorious for low-balling victims, but you can build a successful case with the right assistance. You need someone in your corner, no matter how strong or resourceful you are.

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