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Infrared Sauna. This is Not the Same as Your Gym Sauna

Newsflash: sweating is a fantastic way to detox, and that’s precisely why Saunas are in spas and gyms all over the world. Have you ever heard of an Infrared Sauna? It’s a new trend that’s catching on quickly; we’re seeing sweat based infrared studios popping up all over the country as of late. Let’s take a look at health benefits of the Infrared Sauna, and how it differs from your standard, run of the mill gym sauna.

Explain the Benefits of Sweating.

Maybe you can’t quite wrap your mind around why or how sweating is incredibly beneficial because sweating is gross to you. In short, when you sweat, you activate your body to eliminate toxins in a rapid and effective way. The skin isn’t just about aesthetics, it also has great purpose and is actually considered our largest organ.

Explain the Benefits of Infrared Light.

Infrared light is known to promote a relaxed state of mind because they prompt an increase in the releasing of endorphins (think about how those tanning beds you used to frequent lulled you to sleep so well). It’s also been proven to be beneficial for musculoskeletal problems, heavy metal detoxification, increased circulation, and immune boosting activity.

Explain What Happens When You Combine a Sweat Session with Infrared Light.

A spectrum of light has many bands that can be detected and felt by the body on varying levels, and infrared light is the band that we feel as heat. This means that it will make the body sweat at lower temperatures than regular saunas, which makes it much more tolerable to the average person who doesn’t like to feel extremely heated. Infrared light also penetrates the skin enough to burn fat, which helps with weight loss and detoxification, since many toxins are trapped by fat stored in the body. On a more practical note, infrared saunas are cheaper and much easier to install than regular saunas.

How Often Should They Be Used? Where Can They Be Found?

Daily exposure to infrared saunas is incredibly beneficial to health, but only to the point of breaking a sweat (about 15 minutes). If you’d prefer to cut down on how often you step in, cut back to 3-4 times a week but stay in for longer (about 30-40 minutes). There are Infrared Saunas all over the country (do a quick search online to see if there’s one near you), but if you don’t find one, saving up for one in the home might not be out of the budget. You’ll want to check brands like Health Mate, Clearlight and Sauna Ray, and ensure you select a sauna that isn’t built with toxic materials (like glue, certain types of wood, or allergens).



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