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Indulge Your Senses at the Most Romantic Restaurants in the World

What are the most romantic restaurants the world has to offer?

An exotic location, exquisite views and the perfect dinner partner, these are all of the things you need to conjure up the ideal romance. If you are looking for a dining experience of a lifetime, here are the most romantic places the world has to offer for your dream date!

La Sponda, Positano, Italy

You are instantly transported into a fairy tale world of romance in this charming restaurant. It is lit by 400 candles that create a small and intimate world for you to experience a meal you will not forget. Dine on the terrace and you will experience exquisite views of the Mediterranean Sea and the town of Positano!


A.O.C., Los Angeles, California, USA

This restaurant feels cozy and quaint. You’ll feel the warmth of the candle fireplace and the feeling that every need or concern you have is taken care of. You’ll feel as though you stepped into a dream at A.O.C. and you’ll be able to focus entirely on your charming dinner date!


Clos Maggiore, London, England

Get ready to experience magic at Clos Maggiore. This restaurant specializes in classic French cuisine with a twist. Indulge in the extensive wine selection and romantic atmosphere. But there’s more.a secret indoor courtyard where you’ll dine under the stars!


The River Café, New York City, USA

This legendary restaurant is located riverside under the Brooklyn Bridge. You come here for the spectacular view that is of the New York skyline and the Statue of Liberty! Here, you’ll feast on classic American cuisine and they pride themselves on featuring only the freshest ingredients available!


Le Jules Verne, Paris, France

Another spot for the ultimate view is Le Jules Verne in Paris. With unparalleled views of Paris, you can see the City of Lights like no place else. Experience the Eiffel Tower by night and dream of Paris and all of its magic!


TRB, Beijing, China

TRB brings both the old and new worlds of China together into one stellar restaurant. It offers contemporary European cuisine and is focused on the hospitality of its guests. This restaurant is located inside a historical temple courtyard that dates back to the Qing Dynasty!



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