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Indoor Vines Help You Revitalize Your Living Space

There’s something about greenery indoors… it livens up any space, no matter what the location, no matter what’s around it. For city-dwellers, a tiny splash of green can make the world of difference in the way your urban space looks, even how it feels. In case you were unaware, indoor plants are also incredibly trendy right now, specifically indoor vines. Love the look but not sure where to start? Let us help you revitalize that living space with some indoor vines!

Why Vines?

Great question! If you’re in a tiny city apartment, vines are the perfect green accent to liven up your space, simply because they take up very little space! Think: cascading plants down exposed brick walls; very little floor space is used, maximum results are achieved. Another benefit of the vine that many busy moms have come to know and love? They’re often out of reach from tiny little hands that just want to play (read: make a mess).

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What Kind of Vines Look Great?

If you haven’t jumped on the succulent bandwagon yet, now’s the time to do it. Cascading succulent vines are simply gorgeous. Stagger them in height on a white wall, in small white vases, and you’ll be loving the look!

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Another favorite indoor vine is called the Heartleaf Philodendron. This one is incredibly easy for beginners to grow, and only needs a moderate amount of sunlight and water. In fact, the Heartleaf Philodendron likes its soil to dry right out between waters… perfect for the forgetful person who doesn’t quite have that green thumb.

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Ivy grows super fast! If you have a large space (wall) to cover, consider Ivy. It thrives in several different lighting conditions
and is very resilient. It doesn’t mind cold weather and will continue to thrive in it, unlike some of its plant brothers and sisters.

The Pothos Plant is a bit bulkier, very hardy, and is relatively easy for beginners who don’t mind frequent watering. They will thrive in bright indirect light and with consistently moist soil.

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The Purple Heart, or Tradescantia pallida plant grows in light shade or part sun. You can plant this one
almost any type of soil and should water it pretty regularly. Don’t fret if you can’t get this baby its water in time though, as this plant is surprising drought tolerant. The leaf color of your plant will vary based on the amount of sun and water it receives. The best nad brightest color will come from being placed in the brightest light

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Finally, the String of Pearls is incredibly green and has fantastic shape. It looks just like its namesake… several pearl sized green buds that fall from the vine. It’s technically a succulent, so it does really well in bright light and minimal moisture. We love the String of Pearls in combination with other vines, to create added shape and texture.

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It doesn’t take much to liven up that space with indoor vines… give it a try!

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