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Snuggling Up in Incredible Down Alternatives

Down Alternatives

We won’t spend a lot of time here talking about how down is collected before it’s used for the world’s enjoyment. We’ll only say this: the next time you find yourself cuddled up in a “cozy” down comforter, consider that several birds made a very painful sacrifice so that you could cuddle up in it. It’s a sad reality, but much of the world simply doesn’t care about animals feelings, and that they experience very real pain because of our actions.

If you truly understand this, you’ll make an effort to utilize cruelty-free down alternatives instead of real down. We’ve even done most of the work for you so that you don’t have to guess at which options are the best… take a look at these awesome down alternative items that are well worth snuggling up in.

For Doonas… Primaloft, and Microcloud

Finding a down alternative options that is hypoallergenic can be tough. Primaloft has just that, though, and is well worth the investment as a down alternative doona. Primaloft’s bedding is said to be ultra-luxurious, and to be incredibly similar in feel to real down, but is of course cruelty-free. We love that it’s also easy to maintain: no need to take it to a dry cleaner or laundromat, when it’s dirty just toss it into your own washing machine.

Microcloud is a company offering down alternative doona’s and mattress toppers that aren’t just comfortable, they’re considered incredibly luxurious. In fact, Microcloud items are used predominantly in several Australian high-end hotels, which speaks volumes about the quality. This bedding is hypoallergenic, odorless, commercially washable, long lasting and cruelty-free.

For Pillows… Buckwheat Pillows found at Pure Earth, and the Kapok Pillow

Buckwheat pillows mimic down beautifully, and are made from- you guessed- actual buckwheat husks. (Surprise: buckwheat is actually a fruit, not a wheat)! We love these pillows because they’re fairly firm, yet airy and biodegradable. Really, it’s the best of every world, and it’s completely cruelty-free. Buckwheat pillows are available in many places, including at Pure Earth.

Our other favorite down-free pillow is called the Kapok pillow, which obtains its fibers from the pods of the kapok or cieba tree. Not only is this obviously cruelty free, it’s also completely safe in terms of chemicals: the kapok and cieba trees are both sustainable without the use of pesticides or unnatural irrigation. So, when you lay your head on your kapok pillow, your conscious will be clear of any cruelty or self-harming chemicals.

When you consider the amount of high quality down-alternative options in the world today, there’s simply no reason to settle for the incredibly cruel reality of down in your own bedroom. Even if your down comforter sports a misleading label that says, “Cruelty free”, don’t buy into it, don’t feed the demand.


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