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In What Way has the Lockdown Affected our Relationships

One of the most significant impacts of the lockdown has been on relationships. In many cases, it has either resulted in couples being split apart for the duration of the lockdown or has left them on top of each other 24 hours a day. While some may love this experience, others will feel stifled and have a feeling of being unable to escape. In this article, we will discuss some of the impacts the lockdown may have on our relationships.

Time apart

As the old saying goes, “absence makes the heart grow fonder”. Some couples may cherish the opportunity to spend some time alone. This opportunity will provide a great test as to the strength of a relationship. While you may no longer be able to meet physically, at least we live in a connected world where your nearest and dearest are never more than a video call away. Still, the lack of physical contact will lead to problems for many. Just remember to talk about your problems and do not bottle them up.

Time together

Being on top of each other for too long is often just as troublesome as being apart. In the ordinary course of events at least one of a couple will spend the majority of their time at work. The stresses of being stuck at home 24/7 are likely to put pressure on any relationship. If you are forced to spend every hour together, try to spend some time apart. Go for separate runs and exercise. Work in different rooms of the house, and try to give each other space. If a partner does start to become annoying, do not let the issue fester. Discuss it early and find a way to both feel comfortable.

Physical implications of lockdown

The conditions lockdown places upon us may lead to changes in our physical wants and desires. The dull and repetitive nature of the lockdown is not an ideal ground for sparks to fly. Combined with a lack of exercise and poor diets, sexual conditions such as erectile dysfunction may become an issue. Thankfully online pharmacies are here to help with a range of medications to help you.

New relationships

Many are taking the opportunity to find a new partner during the lockdown. Sites such as Tinder are offering online video dates for couples to become acquainted during these difficult times. With the stresses and monotony of the lockdown, it is very easy to become infatuated with a new love interest. Try not to become too involved until you have met in person. It is very often the case that there is no chemistry between online lovers. So make sure you don’t end up heartbroken through a smartphone. It is also very easy to share pictures and videos with a partner, remember anything you put online is likely to remain online forever.

Final thoughts

Romantic relationships are some of the most complex relationships we experience. The pressures of lockdown have made these pressures increase further. Remember, do not let yourself be pressured to do things you would not normally consider simply because of the lockdown.

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