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Traveling In The Snow

During the winter time I make sure I don't leave my house without 3 things! Proper attire, stylish accessories and highly protective skincare. Here are my top 3 brands and their products of this season.

1, MONSTER VEST. This vest made by Josie Loves J.Valentine is beyond incredible. It is super comfy, keeps me warm and is super stylish. I wear it pretty much everywhere I go except for times when I don’t want to draw any attentiion or I don’t have time to answer strangers’s question: “OMG! This is soo cute!! Where did you get it?”

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My favorite pair is by ROCK GOD EYEWEAR. I have them in three different colors: black, brown and blue. I love the little righnstones on both sides! Oh, and did I mention that they are under $50??? No need to spend so much money on Dior anymore. Whoo hoo!

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The brand I’ve been using this season is Yu-Be. Yu-Be is a #1 Japanese skincare and what makes Yu-Be different from other moisturizers is that it is medicated with vitamins and is not mineral oil based. It is glycerin based and therefore has a creamy, yet not oily consistency.

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And what are you favorite products when you’re traveling in the snow? Leave me a comment below:)


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