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Importance of Laundry When Living the Van Life

Living the van life is an exciting and fulfilling lifestyle, especially for young adults who love adventures. The lifestyle gives them a sense of freedom and flexibility, a close connection with nature, and travel to new places. The simple and more sustainable van life is way better for them than the daily routine life.  

However, it is only better to a degree because living a van life requires a significant amount of effort to maintain a more comfortable and hygienic life. It is challenging for a van life to keep clothes clean and tidy. Unlike in a traditional home, doing laundry regularly is not easy. So, how can you maintain fresh and clean clothes while you are on the go?

Tip 1: Create a laundry schedule.

You are always on the road. It is important to set a laundry schedule to help you always stay clean and fresh. You cannot easily do laundry of your clothes whenever. Hence, it is best to have a schedule for laundry to ensure you complete the task regularly and efficiently. You can visit the laundromat or dry cleaner every three days to ensure you have enough clean clothes.

Tip 2: Find a convenient and accessible laundry place.

Unlike in a traditional home where calling for a laundry pickup and delivery service is easier, in van life, you have to find a convenient and accessible laundry place. So, whenever you are on the go, you have to search for a trusted laundromat or a comfortable campground.

Tip 3: Invest in a reliable portable washing machine.

Some vans are spacious enough to have a sink and bathroom. If you have extra for a portable washer, investing in one is a great option. Portable washers are compact and easily stored. However, you can only wash clothes efficiently if you are in the campground, because how would you dry your clothes? Unless you are lucky enough to find a portable washer-dryer machine.

Tip 4: Only use eco-friendly and biodegradable laundry essentials.

It is important to reduce your environmental impact, especially those van dwellers doing their laundry at campgrounds. Use eco-friendly and biodegradable laundry essentials, and avoid exposing the environment to harsh chemicals. 

Besides these practical considerations, your mental health and overall well-being need to keep your clothes clean and tidy. Living in a close quarter with only limited space can be challenging, and keeping your clothes organized and clean may reduce stress and maintain a sense of normalcy. 

Final Thoughts

Living the van life is only full of excitement if you have maintained peace with every aspect of your life. We often forget the importance of maintaining personal hygiene by doing regular laundry and keeping clothes fresh and clean because we are on the go. Although this is a challenge for living the van life, you will eventually get a grip on it after following these tips. Make it a habit, which will help create a comfortable and hygienic living environment while on the road. 

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