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The Importance of Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes

Did you know that maintaining your makeup brush is equally as important (if not, more) than using a high quality brush? That’s right, any old brush will usually do just fine as long as you clean it properly and regularly. Most people skip brush cleanings simply because they don’t know just how important they are. Here’s why cleaning your make up brush is so important…

Cleaning Your Brush Will Prevent Bacterial Infections on Your Face and Eye Area

It’s not rocket science: dirt and germs are everywhere, even on your make up brush. Actually… especially on your make up brush. Your face collects dust, dirt and smog every day as you walk around outside, and sweat doesn’t help. When your body sweats, it rids itself of excess toxins and fluids; many people find that they sweat as they sleep at night.

Given all this information, can you see how pores are easily caked and clogged before we ever apply makeup? Using a dirty brush simply drags pore clogging bacteria around the face via the grime that exists on the brush from prior use, and the bacteria that exists on the face at the time of application. The results are usually nasty bacterial breakouts and infections.

By Cleaning Your Brushes Your Color Will Appear More True

Very few people use the same color make up year round. Skin gets a bit darker in the summer, lighter in the winter months. A brush that hasn’t been cleaned will have caked up color on it that may
distort the appearance of the make up you’re trying to apply.

Makeup Will Apply More Smooth and Evenly

Dried clumps of makeup on a brush inevitably hinder good, smooth, even application. At best, make up that’s applied with a dirty brush will appear streaky and inconsistent (thick in some places, thin in others). Wash those brushes to ensure even coverage for your face.

Cleaning Brushes Keeps Them Soft So They Will Not Be Abrasive On Your Face

Have you ever felt the effect of dry, caked makeup on your skin? It’s scratchy! In the same way, make up that dries and cakes on brushes will leave bristles tough, hard, and scratchy. Not only will this cause make up to appear streaky on your face (as we already mentioned), this also has the potential to irritate the skin and cause unfortunate red marks and surface scratches.

Your Brushes Will Last longer and Make Your Investment Last Longer

We all know that make up isn’t cheap, and that includes application brushes. Some women choose to spend upwards of $100 on a brush, and they fail to take good care of them. What does this mean? It’s not very long before they’re going back to the store for another. Newsflash: take good care of your make up brush by cleaning it, and it’ll last longer .¨ protecting that investment.

Treat your face the way it’s meant to be treated- wash those make up brushes and protect your longterm investment, both financially and with your skin.



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