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Imanta Resort: Where the Jungle Meets the Ocean

year, VIVA GLAM MAGAZINE had the pleasure of traveling to the Imanta Resort in Mexico. Imanta is a luxury resort, an undiscovered gem hidden amidst the lush tropical jungles of Punta de Mita.
After our short, two and a half hour flight from Los Angeles, we landed at the Puerta Vallarta airport and were greeted by Imanta representatives. The Imanta Resort is only 45 minutes from Puerta Vallarta and the drive to Punta de Mita was charming. We enjoyed watching the city’s colorful inhabitants selling local goods, the pristine beaches and the lush vegetation on our short trip. Half an hour later, we drove down an ancient cobble stone street to the entry of Imanta. It reminded us of Jurassic Park with its tall wooden gates that completely hid what was waiting behind. A guard ushered us in. and we were in paradise.

Imanta is far removed from the hustle and bustle of Puerto Vallarta. It is surrounded by jungle. And it has the secluded look and feel of an island on the mainland. It is a private luxury enclave beyond words that awaits you in a jungle paradise.
As you wind up the mountain towards Imanta, you start to see wildlife. In fact, there are humorous stop signs for land crabs, coatamundis and horses. Flocks of exquisite black and yellow songbirds swooped over our caravan and this only further built our anticipation of what was to come.

Imanta is built on the side of a mountain and the first thing we noticed were views to die for!
When we came to the main lobby, we felt like Christopher Columbus discovering the New World. The anticipation of exploring this new tropical paradise was at our fingertips!
Our first thought was, “Pictures don’t do it justice!”And the second thing that came to mind was, “How did they build Imanta on a mountainside?” We stood in wonderment and awe at the beauty that was laid before us.


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