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“I Feel the Power of Satan Within Me!” Women Tweet About Monthly Period

Women from around the world are using social media giant, Twitter, to share humorous updates on their monthly periods.
This hysterical media campaign is using the hashtag #LiveTweetYourPeriod and allows women to share the monthly experience of their menstrual cycle.

Women are turning to Twitter to do this as Instagram posts about menstruation have been tagged and removed as offensive.
Many are using Twitter to remove the taboo from an otherwise “normal and healthy” bodily function.


Women have said on Twitter one of the most difficult things about having your period is suffering in silence alone despite the fact that most women under a certain age have a monthly period.

And part of the reason women are being vocal on Twitter is to remove society’s stigma associated with this.


One user said, “I feel the power of Satan inside me.”
While @shinysquirrel said, “There is a war inside me now.”
Others include hilarious GIFS such as the iconic blood bath scene in the horror classic, Carrie.


Many posts are hilarious such as “Am I happy or sad or have I just run out of almond butter?”
While another said, “Someone rub my lower back and bring me a soft pretzel.”


These Tweets are forming a community of women who are grateful to feel they are not alone during their monthly cycle.
And they are also helping to remove society’s squeamishness about menstruation.

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