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“I don’t design with my eyes, I design with my heart.”

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Tell us a bit about your business? What is the process of making a pair?

Flipinista,Your BFF(Best Flip Flop) is a hand designed and crafted line of fabulously chic flip flops. I personally design every pair and then they are hand sewn by an expert using a special technique and material. The process is very involved. It all begins with a design. That is the time consuming part. I literally wire the design onto the flip flop, bead by bead making sure the design is flawless. Sometimes I can think a design is fabulous, I take a picture of it and realize the beads on the strap are not the right size and need to be smaller or maybe the colors aren’t working as well as I had thought. So I take the design apart and start from scratch. When the design is flawless and ready to go, it is then hand sewn. My assistant who sews them entirely by hand is as much of a perfectionist as I am. She puts as much attention to detail into her craftsmanship as I do into my designs. Together we work very well.

There is a LOT of LOVE that goes into every pair. Each Flipinista design tells its own story. The strap acts as the sentence to the story. At the end of every sentence (strap)is a little something different to act as the punctuation mark. It may be a small crystal heart or a charm, creating the perfect ending to its own beautiful story.

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