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How Your Sex Life Will Change From Your 20s to Your 30s

Many things change as we get older, and the most of that major change in our lives takes place is in our 20s and 30s. Our sex life is one of the areas influenced by these changes, as we tend to transition from certain years when sex seems to be a fancy far-off act, to years when it becomes an obsolete need of our life.

Studies have shown that as you dwindle through your teenage life to your 40s, the balance of the sex hormones (estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone) tends to change significantly.
Nevertheless, with good self-knowledge, ideal partners, and plenty of sex education, you should be able to have a satisfying sex life and more fun.

It is, however, important to understand that each decade in your life comes with its own issues and challenges. This explains why doctors stress doing exercises to boost testosterone as it is very important to improve your sex life.

Are you now curious how your sex life will change as you age? Here’s what to expect.

How Your Sex Life Changes Between Your Teens and 20s

The teen’s life, or the puberty age, is a stage where it is too early for most men and women to experience sex. This life stage marks the age between the onset of puberty and the age of settling as an adult. Therefore, both men and women are learning many things about their bodies, as they encounter many changes that result in undesirable side effects. These include developing body hair, pimples, and women experiencing menstruation and men breaking their voices.

Most individuals tend to be shy about the changes in their bodies, especially women, and thus sexual fantasy is in far-off land at this period. This is followed by the life in the 20s, which is also full of changes, though not as pronounced as in the teen’s life. Lots of sexual experimentation and exploration characterize this age, which makes it the most exciting time in your life. During this exploration time, you figure out who we are.

Both men and women tend to dream more sex and sink into sex fantasies in this stage of life than in any other. Nevertheless, studies have revealed that women still have some worries that trouble their minds especially about studies, careers, as well as their appearance issues during this time period. On the other hand, men have fewer worries about themselves and have the best hormonal balance than any other stage in their entire life. However, this might change in the late 20s or in the 30s, but this can be easily restored using any of the best natural male enhancement supplements that work by improving the balance of the hormones in the body without causing any serious side effects.

Most women are also deterred from sex by the fear of being pregnant, as many women seem not to be ready for pregnancy, especially during their early 20s. Consequently, men seem to have a higher sex drive and a better sex life as they have fewer things in mind to care about as compared to their partners.

It is advisable to remember that the exciting exploration time is tempered by two serious concerns that includes pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. This explains why the age group tends to have the highest cases of STIs, as, during this time, people are less responsible and more vulnerable. According to this report published by the CDC, there has been an increase in STI rates to an alarming levels. The rates of STI increased in both men and women between the ages of ages 15 to 24 specifically for syphilis, Chlamydia, and gonorrhea.

Therefore, it is important to keep yourself safe by avoiding indiscriminate sexual activities or using condoms when you engage in sexual intercourse. The age is also marked by the highest incidences of sexual harassment, and thus it is also good to understand how you should be treated in your relationships or by the opposite sex.

How Your Sex Life Changes in Your 30s

This age group marks the parenting years as most women have children in their late 20s and early 30s. Some of the major concerns during this period include controlling pregnancy and birth control. The birth control that you choose should be easy and safe to stop when you are ready for pregnancy, which is ideal for in-between pregnancies.

Studies have shown that child-rearing, pregnancy, and childbirth can significantly affect your sex life. One of the major issues is exhaustion since when you have a baby, your body has to cater to the needs of someone else throughout the day. Some women tend to experience an increase in their sexual drive when they are pregnant, especially in their second trimester. As during this stage, the level of progesterone in their body is a thousand times higher while the level of estrogen is also hundred times higher than in normal cases.

However, it is important to set some time aside to allow you to connect with your partners sexually for the best sex life. On the other hand, many men tend to experience a low sexual drive in their 30s, but again, this can be fixed with natural supplements.

This age is also full of spanks, semi-public sex, blindfolds, and all sorts of sexcapades in their adventure. At this age, most men and women have stable relationships, may be married and settled with a reliable partner. This makes them open to sexual exploration and experimentation as this is also the time in their lives when the sexual drive is at its peak. Additionally, both men and women can also experience a decline in testosterone levels although the drop is not significant enough at this age to affect their libido.

It is also important to understand that being in the 30s does not mean that you need to be a parent. Therefore, having sex for pleasure is still crucial throughout this period.

Overall, several things affect your sex life as you grow up. Careers, hormone levels, and your relationship status all dictate your chosen sex life. No matter if you choose to be flirty, 30, and thriving or married with babies, you can dictate the sex life you want to have and never be afraid to ask for what you want in life.

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Shawn Clark is a health, beauty, and fitness Adviser. For the past five years, he has been providing nutrition counseling, fitness training, and health advice all over Phoenix, Arizona. Shawn is committed to providing modern, relevant, and reliable health information in all its complexity, perpetuating positive messages about sexual health, joint pain, diet, and exercise. Connect with him on Twitter.


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