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How Your Makeup is Affected When You Get Sick

Nothing can save us on a sick day quite like the right makeup. Sure, when we’re feeling all congested and stuffy the last thing we want to do is pile on the layers. But makeup helps us look a lot less like how we feel!

Red nose, patchy skin, discoloration, the facial side effects that come with getting sick are really endless. As much as we’d love to “couch potato” the sickness out of our system, sometimes the show just has to go on. Makeup is our stage costume that gets us through the day. Right? Well, what if we told you you had to toss out every last bit of makeup you used the last time you were sick?

Germs, Germs, Germs Everywhere!

You’ve all heard of the harm that can come from sharing makeup. Borrowing a friend’s mascara can leave your eyes swollen and needing a lot more than eye makeup to conceal them. Slathering on your girl’s lipstick can be detrimental.

So, sure we can’t share. But we can trust our own makeup, right? So wrong! Germs are germs. The spreading of them is going to happen whether it’s from your friend to you or as a little gift from yourself to you.

Think about it this way, when you’re sick would you stick to using the same single napkin to wipe your nose during your entire sickness and onwards? Gross, right? Well, the same goes for makeup. You’re applying it all over your nose and across your skin. Your makeup (especially tools) is going to hang on to those germs long after your sickness passes.

So, What Do I Do?!

The panic is probably setting in right now. Well, don’t rush to your bathroom counter and toss everything out just yet! While some things may be long gone, some can actually be salvaged. Here’s a short “Toss or Sanitize” list of products you can save.

  1. Lipstick (SANITIZE): While it might take a lot less effort to deem your sick day lipstick a loss, you can actually save it from the brink. All you need is some rubbing alcohol and patience. Twist up your lipstick
    and stick it into a cup of alcohol for about a minute!
  2. Tube Products (TOSS): There’s just no way around it. Sticking a doe-foot applicator all over your sickness germs and then dipping it back into the container is automatically deeming that product unsalvageable. We recommend avoiding tube products in general when sick!
  3. Brushes (SANITIZE): Brushes are the easiest to work your way around. All you need to do is thoroughly wash your brushes after every use (as you should anyway). It’s as simple as that!
  4. Liners (TOSS): Whether we’re talking lip or eye liners, these are just best to avoid in general!


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