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How Your Breasts Will Look and Feel After Removing Your Implants

A lot of women who undergo breast augmentation surgery didn’t think that they would decide to get their breast implants removed one day. But, some women have decided to get their breast implants removed because of various reasons, such as lifestyle changes or due to a complication. So, how will your breasts look and feel after removing the implants?

The Breast Implant Removal Process

If you are considering getting your breast implants removed, you should first consult a reputable plastic surgeon. That way, they can assess the condition of your implants.

From there, the breast implant removal process is fairly straightforward. During the procedure, the surgeon will make an incision along the lower part of your breast or around your areola, then remove the implant from the breast capsule. In some cases, the surgeon will also remove the breast capsule.

Even though the breast implant removal process is relatively simple, there are some cases that will make it more complex. Still, you should get the desired results, especially if it is done by a qualified surgeon.

The Recovery Process

Keep in mind that the recovery process is different from person to person. However, most surgeons agree that the recovery process of breast implant removal is smoother than breast implant surgery. To be specific, most women who have undergone this procedure were able to return to work within five days. Additionally, they have also reported minimal discomfort.

How will Your Breasts Look and Feel after Removing the Implants?

Keep in mind that the size of your implants will affect the condition of your breasts after the procedure. For instance, larger implants will result in more distortion of your breasts, such as deflation and sagging. On the other hand, smaller implants will have fewer effects on your breasts.

Aside from that, age will also play an important role in how your breasts will feel and look after the removal process. For example, the breasts of young women may contract back to their original state. For older women, their breasts will most likely not revert. The reason is that they have less elastin and collagen on their skin.

All in all, after your breast implants are removed, your breasts will look deflated. Your breasts will regain some volume, but it will take about two to three weeks. You will also feel some discomfort after the procedure. Lastly, if you have a breast lift, your breasts will feel heavy and tight for a couple of weeks.


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