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How Using Micellar Water Can Save Your Skin

Whether it’s a simple no-makeup makeup look or a full face of slayage, we love putting our face on. But when it comes to taking them off, we’re not so into it. We’ve all been there; you get home after a long night out and accidentally get in bed before removing your makeup. Oh well, too bad. STOP RIGHT THERE. Nothing will ever be more important for your skin than making sure to always remove your makeup. For the lazy girl that isn’t down for a double cleansing process and faffing about, micellar waters are your savior.

What is Micellar Water All About?

Honestly, lazy or not, micellar waters are miracle workers for all. These little bottles of clear liquid have been all the rage the past few years. People have sworn off makeup wipes and cleansing balms because this simple water really does it all.

If you haven’t come across micellar water before, or if you’re wondering about the science behind it, here’s the breakdown. This Parisian classic is a water solution that contains “micelles” which are basically tiny molecules that work to attract any makeup or dirt and pick it up from your face. Think of it as a magnet!

How Do I Use It?

In the beauty world, there’s nothing more simple than using a micellar water. You simply soak a cotton pad in it and wipe your makeup away as you would with a wipe. If you’re a waterproof makeup lover and struggle to get your eye makeup off, then simply place this onto your lids and press it on there for a few seconds to let it soak in; once you swipe away, it will all be magically gone.

Does it Actually Work?

Yes! It’s absolute magic. When using a wipe or a cleansing oil/balm, you may often find that you need to go in with another step, or perhaps you’ll notice some residue dirt when wiping with a towel. That’s not normal nor okay!

With micellar waters, you’ll find that absolutely every trace of dirt or makeup is entirely gone. Give it a test yourself! Try to use a micellar water, apply with a clean cotton pad, and watch it turn up completely clear — it’s crazy!

Does It Do More Than Just Remove Makeup?

Absolutely! Many people actually swear by using this as a cleanser. Even on a completely makeup-free face this works to deeply cleanse your skin. It’s such a simple, hassle-free step that keeps your skin completely clear without stripping it.

Oh yeah, did we mention that micellar waters are formulated to leave your skin soft and hydrated? Wipes or cleansers can often leave your skin feeling tight or stripped, but this just deeply cleanses your skin without messing with its pH balance — we told you, miracle worker!

How will you integrate micellar waters into your routine? Let us know!

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