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How to Wow an Online Interviewer with 3 Easy Beauty Techniques

Some of us love it, some of us hate. Like it or not, Zoom is here to stay (at least for the early part of 2021).

While this has impacted most of our day-to-day jobs by quite some margin, many don’t appreciate that this now applies to ALL walks of our working life. Interviews fall into this category and if you are on the lookout for a job, there’s a high chance that this process is going to be carried out on Zoom (or another platform of similar standing).

Suffice to say, the tips are going to be different. This ranges from everything from the small talk at the start of the process (gone are the days, at least temporarily, of offering a glass of water!). Instead, the process is a lot faster, and for anyone with ‘seasoned interview experience’ this can be a shock to the system.

Rather than focus on every element of interview prep (and there are plenty of resources out there), today is going to look at how to get your beauty regime in-check. Let’s now look at three ways that can help you do this.

Keep your changes to a minimum

This first technique might appear boring but give us time. Familiarity is key when it comes to interviews. You need to relax wherever possible and not place yourself out of your comfort zone in too many areas. You’re already going to be put on the spot; don’t give yourself extra things to think about by changing things around too much.

In the case of your beauty regime, this means sticking to your tried-and-tested concoction of products. If you usually shop at Covent Garden, make sure you stick to the same shops. Don’t ‘experiment’ with new products, the last thing you need is an unexpected reaction that is going to wreak havoc with your concentration during the interview (and ultimately, your overall chances).

Pay special attention to your hairline

Today isn’t about going into special techniques. In truth, the same ones that have served you well for years will largely apply in the online interview scenario.

However, what we do want to do today is safeguard against potential mistakes. Your hairline falls into this category and making sure you double and triple-check this to make sure streaks of foundation haven’t made their way into it is one of the first steps you should take. The camera can catch unflattering angles from time to time, and the shimmer of a product in your hair can act as one of these occasions.

Use your laptop as your mirror

Finally, now is the time to take a more unorthodox approach with your prep. You might usually rely on a trusty mirror for your morning routine, but instead take to your laptop’s camera. You’ll then start to see exactly how you are going to be presented during your interview, and how your features are going to appear somewhat differently to what a normal mirror might suggest. The tones will be somewhat different, and it will give a much more accurate representation of what your interviewers are going to see on the other side of the sc.

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