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How to Wear Bridal Hair Accessories

There are certainly many ways to wear your hair on your big day. And hair accessories go a long way in enhancing your bridal hairstyle. Accessories are like the crowning glory, making you stand out. While wedding tradition recognizes the veil as the main hair accessory, today there are more options for brides who want to enhance their look.

Yet, brides can sometimes find it challenging picking the right hair accessory! This article highlights different accessories and how best to use them for that stunning bridal look:


Headbands come in different shapes and sizes. They’re a great choice when you want a touch of sophistication to a simple hairstyle.

They are versatile as they complement different face shapes and can work on different hair lengths. You can pair a headband with various hairstyles. They also feature a variety of embellishments so you can find one that complements your wedding style. From crystals, metals, rhinestones, feathers and even lace, your options are endless.

Headbands will work well for you when you want to keep your hair away from your face.


A tiara is a statement piece you can flaunt on your wedding day. It’s mostly suitable if you’re planning an opulent or traditional wedding theme.

You can go for a tiara if you have a simple dress or one with crystal accents to achieve a stunning look. Generally, most dress styles will work with a tiara with crystal details or pearls. If you choose to wear a tiara, avoid adding too many other pieces. Instead, you can pair it with studs or a simple necklace that will not complete with it.

Remember, it’s all about placement. When you pin a tiara above a bun it will be different compared to placing it at the crown.

Wedding hair combs

Wedding hair combs are an excellent choice of accessory if you’re locking your hair into a bun or related style. This accessory usually has embellishments, and you insert the comb into a portion of hair.

Not only do they stay in lace but also keep your hair pinned down.

Wedding hair combs can have elaborate or simple embellishments. This can be anything from sparkling details to flowers, feathers and other dainty details. You can pair hair combs with updos and braided styles.


These are beautiful and bold accents for fancy hairstyles. They not only add detail to your hairstyle but also draw attention to your face. Most fascinators have attractive embellishments such as net, flowers, feathers, lace and faux flowers.

Fascinators are mostly suited for retro, boho and vintage style weddings. If you choose to wear a fascinator, you’ll not need any other accessory. The beauty about fascinators is that you can use them for most hair lengths.

Pins and Clips

These are smaller accessories that add a little sparkle to your hairstyle. You can use pins and clips for just about any hairstyle as they add a feminine and romantic touch.

Be sure to choose hair pins or clips that match the embellishments in your dress by picking out flowers motifs or stars that are on your dress. You can also add a dash of colour with pins that come with colourful embellishments.

Floral crowns

Wedding floral crowns are another great accessory for enhancing your bridal look. Not only are they easy to wear but also add oomph to any style. You can even use floral crowns as a statement accessory as you can use them alongside veils.

While you can wear floral crowns in summer and spring, they’re best to use during the cool seasons. Make sure you pick a floral crown that blends well with your wedding theme.

Hair vines

Introducing bridal hair vines will add subtle glamour to your hairstyle. You can use them if you want to create a dramatic effect especially if you’re going for a braided hairstyle. You can easily insert hair vines into your hair to add a bit of sparkle to a simple style.


These are an attractive and refreshing addition to any bridal hairstyle. Flowers complete that romantic wedding day look you’re seeking to achieve. There are different ways to wear flowers. You can position them in different locations depending on the color, size and quality of the flowers.


Nothing creates a perfect bridal look instantly like a veil. Veils are a classic bridal hair accessory that is also part of the wedding tradition. They’re made using different materials and are available in different lengths. Some veils are best suited to informal weddings while others are for formal weddings. A veil will not only transform your bridal look but also complement your wedding theme.

As you can see, knowing the latest trends in bridal hairstyles is not enough. You must also know the best accessory to go with each style while keeping in mind other factors that include your wedding theme and personal style among others.


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