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How to Wear a Bandana and Still Look Sexy AF

Trends come and go, and often they tend to go a bit too early. We constantly find ourselves revisiting old trends and watching them come back to life and spread like wildfire. You can especially notice this right now, with 90s fashion trends coming back in style. Never has this been truer than in the case of the elusive bandana. This accessory that once had its glory days when worn as a headscarf has come back bigger than ever. Bandanas are everywhere, and unlike in the past, there are tons of ways to style them! We’re here to guide you into the world of bandanas and show you how you can pull them off. Don’t be scared to experiment and play around with this old classic- fashion is supposed to be fun!

The Classical Bandana


Just because this classic has been reinvented, it doesn’t mean the OG way of styling it isn’t still on trend. The Instagram favorite Kylie Jenner prefers to rock the bandana by classically wrapping it all around her head and allowing it to flow down her long locks- and we’re not complaining!


In the age where chokers are all the rage, there’s no reason a bandana can’t be repurposed into one! Tying a small sized bandana tightly around your neck to give the impression of a choker is a great option. You can control the width and the tightness!


You can go for a typical choker look, or tie it so that the knot hangs in the front to give you that southern chic effect!


Parisian Passion

Who doesn’t long to emulate that Audrey Tatou, Parisian chicness style. Well, this westernized classic is actually perfect for a European glam look! Tying this around your neck and leaving the knot to the side can instantly take a simple pencil skirt and shirt to full Parisian glam!


The Many Headwrap Options

Hippie Chic


One of the most common uses of the bandana today is as a head band. Wrapping this around your hair can instantly give you a hippie chic look and take everyone back to the 60s!

Jet setting Elegance

Creating a bigger and wider wrap can also give a classier and more elegant look to your accessory. Here are some examples of how you can take your bandana from hippie to luxury!



IG @realfashionist


Another way you can wrap your bandana can be allowing the knot to show to give you a funner and flirty look. It can give your look a more casual effect- here are some options!



IG @hesvikeide | Hair inspo by @matildadjerf






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