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How to Upcycle Your Clothes and Give Your Favorites a New Lease of Life

How many times have you found yourself frustrated by the fact that you don’t have anything to wear? More often than not you say this even when your wardrobe is overflowing with clothes, however, there comes a point when we get tired of wearing the same old thing and crave something new and exciting.

We live in an era with a growing focus on sustainability, and increasingly, fashion designers are also trying to find ways to encourage buyers to upcycle their previously owned items or to opt for buying new clothing made of recycled materials. There are many tips and tricks you can employ to spruce up your clothes for new use at very little cost.

Salvage Your Denim

Denim is a wonderful fabric: it’s strong, versatile, and has significant longevity. Therefore, anything you own that is made from denim has the ability to be revamped and upcycled for a new lease of life.

For years, jeans have been a staple in many wardrobes despite coming from humble beginnings. Perhaps part of this popularity is due to their versatility when it comes to design. Jeans can be stylized in a variety of ways: some opt for rips or patched-up holes, whilst others prefer to embroider patches onto the pockets. There’s even scope for old pairs to be turned into shorts or embellished with fabric paint. The same can be said for denim jackets in that you can lop the arms off and leave it as a waistcoat, or attach new arms in flannel or tweed. 

Rhinestones, beads, bleach, fraying, studs, applique – the possibilities are endless when it comes to giving denim a new lease of life and there’s always something you can do to get the best out of them.

Repair (Don’t Replace) Your Favorite Shoes

It can be deeply upsetting when your favorite pair of shoes break.

This is especially the case when they still have life in them, but, for example, a strap breaks or the sole becomes unstuck. Thankfully, in most cases, you just need to invest in a good-quality shoe glue to deal with the inevitable wear and tear. There are many options available that are flexible, waterproof, and able to withstand repetitive movement. These types of glue are practically tailored to footwear and are always handy to have in the DIY drawer at home for such emergencies.

The right pair will remain unnoticeable and the shoes will be as good as new. Using some UGG slippers for women will help you achieve the desired flexibility and comfort whilst giving your shoes a new lease of life. Further, consider painting your old shoes with acrylic paint or even covering them in fabric to give them a new look and feel.

Asides from repairing old shoes, you can consider adding fabric paint to canvas shoes, changing the laces, embroidering, or adding studs. All of these things will give your shoes a snazzy new twist while helping you to prolong the life in them.

Recover the Classic White Shirt

No wardrobe is complete without at least one classic white shirt. From the bar to the boardroom or even the beach; there’s no occasion that a white shirt cannot rise to. But how to add a bit of personality to your trusty wardrobe staple? A great way to spruce up a white shirt is by replacing the buttons. Get rid of the old ones and go for bone, wood, or even something brightly colored and mismatched.

You could then pay attention to the cuffs and get them embroidered with a pattern or motif. If you’re feeling wild, you could try tie-dyeing the shirt in a pale, pastel color, or removing the bottom buttons and turning it into a tie top. 

These are just a few of the ways you can brighten up your wardrobe, but of course, you also need a bit of daring and a lot of imagination.

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