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How to Turn a Barn Into a Chic Home Office

Not many people are lucky enough to have a vast open space that they can transform into whatever their heart desires. Those lucky enough to own a barn can brag about having a marvellous place that they can use for whatever they need. Since the contemporary world enables more and more people to work from home, and as there are entrepreneurs who strive to open their businesses, transforming a barn into a top-notch home office is a way to go. An old barn can easily become a modern home office, and here is how.

Most barns are made out of wood, and some tend to deteriorate over time. Invest into doing a complete outdoor makeover by changing the wooden tiles, and repainting them, to give the barn a new and fresh exterior. Wood is a classy material, and you can also re-sand it, maybe opt for walnut wooden plates instead of chestnut, but at the same time, try to keep its rustic apparel. For instance, if you have a tiny place to work with, don’t go for flashy wall hues such as pink, but rather stick to the rustic vibe and use some shade of brown.

A separate home office can be made to be luxurious and practical at the same time. Firstly, you need to look at the general practicalities if you wish to have a cosy office space. To stop cold and condensation, and make the barn’s interior feel warm and welcoming at all times, you should consider installing barn insulation. Professional barn insulation would prevent the heat transfer in and out, plus it would act as a fantastic air barrier, enabling you to always feel comfortable and neat. With good insulation, you could rest assured that your new home office would always be protected from numerous hazards.

Any barn, no matter how shabby it may appear at the first glance, can look exquisite and chic. Once you have properly dealt with the exterior, the time has come to focus on altering the indoors. The key is to make the atmosphere that is both professional and inviting, and in order to achieve that you first need to choose an adequate wall hue. Go for something warm and opening, but that resembles the conference room appeal. Off-beat white or any earthy wall hues are a good option. What’s more, you could opt for an extravagant high-contrast black-and-white colour scheme that meticulously blends with wooden elements. Place leather chairs and cutting-edge equipment

Every home office needs to be equipped with a few basics, even a barn. You can go for a customised DIY desk that will create a workspace that fits your needs. Build it to the size you need or choose a chic free standing office desk. Next, make sure you make sufficient room for storage. One option is to have an elegant walnut floating shelves display, or place one large white shelf that would have enough cubic storage space for all your papers and stationery.  Built-ins and organised storage contribute to the clean, functional look of your new home office. If the flooring is a bleached oak or some other lighter solution, you can contrast it by placing riveting red sofas with brownish details.

Many different arty and decorative pieces play a vital role in upscaling the look of your barn. If your goal is to make your new office seem professional and chic at the same time, you need to invest a few extra bucks on catchy decorative amenities. Create an office space that speaks to you, hence place family photos framed in a sleek copper frame, and add a personal touch by hanging your favourite artwork. Choose a look that you love, and select a theme that makes you feel most relaxed and soothing. You can pick a beachy theme or something even more serene. Don’t forget a cushy sofa that folds out, a Morocco-inspired rug, one practical Ottoman, a lovely coffee table, and a wall-mounted TV for guests to indulge in.

Wire up the fast internet, add a lush plant or two, and you would totally transform a barn into a chic home office that both exudes sophistication and professionalism. 

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