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How to Tell If You’re Allergic to Your Makeup or Skincare

Everyone’s guilty of hoarding makeup. You can constantly be indulging in new releases, but nothing will make you get rid of your old favorites!
Sometimes products just don’t work for you, but you keep them around anyway in the hopes that one day you’ll try them out and they’ll be magical. Sometimes that day never comes. Or sometimes, you’re repeatedly left wondering why your skin seems to hate that product everyone loves. It must be you, not it. Well, did you ever consider that you might be allergic?

Peanuts, milk, fish, we’ve all heard of the endless list of things to which people are commonly allergic. But, we never consider the fact that we might be allergic to our makeup or skincare. Unfortunately, it does happen.

Here are a few check boxes to help you figure out if you’re allergic to your makeup or skincare!

How To Tell If You’re Allergic


One of the most typical allergic reactions you can have to makeup or skincare is a rash. These can either appear within the same day or over time with more and more use. Rashes work the same way as they do with food allergies- so this is an easy one to recognize!


Whenever we wake up with that dreaded but all too familiar new breakout, we blame everything but allergies. We assume we did something wrong or ate something wrong. Or perhaps it’s just a monthly reminder that we’re women! Breakouts are actually common reactions that show you if you’re allergic to your makeup or skincare. If you find yourself regularly breaking out then it’s time to consider if there’s a certain ingredient that’s common in beauty products to which you may be allergic.

Dryness & Peeling

Perhaps one of the most unfortunate symptoms of allergies is peeling. Depending on your skin type, your skin may react to products you’re allergic to by getting super dry to the point of peeling! If this happens to you, it’s time to toss out that product and visit your dermatologist ASAP!

Burning or Tingling

While most of the tells tend to happen overtime or even overnight, this one is instant! If you take a second look at the warning label on all of your beauty products, they often warn you of this one. The second you apply that concealer or toner, if your skin starts to burn or tingle then wipe it off ASAP! Instant burning or tingling are pretty blatant signs of an allergic reaction.

And there you have it! Your makeup and skincare should not be harming you. Everything you use should be non-comedogenic and benefit your skin (except for the occasional glitter product, of course). When in doubt, if you
do end up with a reaction, use a natural calming agent to help you recover, such as aloe vera or shea butter. Otherwise, have fun and express yourself with makeup to your heart’s content!


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