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How to Take a Great Photo for Social Media the VIVA GLAM Way

The way we take photos has really changed during the past decade. Before social media and camera phones, we took pictures less often and we weren’t able to share them as quickly and easily as we can now. As a result, taking pictures today has become a common, daily occurrence. We think nothing of posting selfies or pictures detailing our everyday life. We may take a morning selfie in bed, snap a quick pic enjoying our lunch, and then share a funny picture snuggling with the dog at night.

With so many images to choose from, what are the best poses and looks for you that make you appear your absolute best?
Here are some tips on how to take a great photo the VIVA GLAM way!

Brand yourself

Before you even start, first figure out what your image will be. Are you a girly girl? Or are you into fitness? Or both? Do you have a certain cause that is near to your heart? What do you want to convey to people? It is important to brand yourself because then you will understand who your fan base is and why. Who you are as a brand will then influence the types of images you will take. For example, if you are into fitness, you might attract the like. If you post images of yourself in the gym during your daily workout, you might inspire others to do the same. Or perhaps you love makeup.
Posting makeup tutorials will also attract others that are interested in what you like.

Trying too hard

People can tell when you are trying too hard. How? Your pose might look awkward or you might look stiff and uncomfortable. Instead try to live in the moment and not worry about posting perfectly. These are really the best shots. Trying too hard also includes being too sexy. In other words, don’t pose with your butt to the camera. Not only is it unattractive, it is not glamorous or sophisticated. You will only look cheap and desperate so make certain you pose as naturally as possible.

Practice makes perfect

As humorous as it may seem, take the time to practice your facial expressions. Professional actors call this “mirror work” and they spend many hours in front of the mirror honing their performance. Take a look at your modeling facial expressions. Are they too big? Or too small?
Do you look good or just plain strange? Know your expressions and modify them if needed.
And remember, no Zoolander Blue Steel or Magnum allowed!

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Let’s face it, most people want to see others being happy, living a positive lifestyle, going to events, and traveling, so think of this when you post. No one wants to see you using your social networking as a platform for your psychotherapy. You are posting to inspire others and to share positive images of your life with them. Posting negative comments and images with no meaning will make you lose followers. Post the positive things in your life unless you are commenting on a specific topic that needs to be addressed such as political issues, world events, and other situations that are important to you.

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Plan ahead

Years ago, when we went somewhere, we just went without any thought of social networking.
Now, plan ahead if you are traveling, going to a concert, event, or doing anything else that is interesting and fun. Think of the images you can take along the way to share on social media. For example, if you are taking a train trip down the coast, take images of yourself sitting on the train and the beautiful places you will go. Take images of yourself with other travelers you might meet along the way. Mentally plan ahead any special event you might have coming up with social media in mind.

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Dress accordingly

Taking a great photo also includes dressing accordingly. Dress as though you will be on camera if you go to an event or do something special. This also means taking the time to do your hair and makeup, coordinate, and don’t look sloppy. If you don’t take the time to do this, you will only regret it later; when you see the images, you will not look your best.

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Take a moment

Take a moment before each picture to access the way you look. Brush your hair, refresh your makeup, straighten your outfit, and stand up straight. These small adjustments can make a big difference in an image so take a few moments before you snap a picture to make certain you are in good order.

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Golden Hour

Watch the light. Early morning or sunset is the best time to take a photo. If you take an image when the sun is high in the sky there will be a lot of shadows on your face and your eyes will look squinty. So whenever time permits, take images during these ideal times. Golden hour refers to the time when the sun is setting in the sky. A rich, golden light is present for a short amount of time. This is the best light of the entire day so if you can aim for this time, you will look your best!

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Know your face and which angles work best for you. For example, it is best to hold the camera up rather than down. This will make your neck appear longer and you will not look like you have a double chin. In fact, it can actually age you to take a photo with the camera down below you rather than above. Also, pull your chin forward as that also helps with easing a double chin. Lift your arm away from your body. This will leave a visual space and make you look thinner. Turn your shoulders slightly so you don’t look blocky and angle your face slightly if it is too wide. These slight adjustments will make your face and body appear closer to perfect than you might actually be.

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Take a variety

We aren’t working with film anymore so take a plethora of images in order to get the right one. Don’t be afraid to over do it as you can always erase the bad ones and keep only the ones you like.
Enjoy the process and most importantly..

Have fun!

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