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How to Take a Good Selfie

What are the key components to taking the perfect selfie?

Whether we like it or not, selfies are a mainstay of today’s social media world and they aren’t going away anytime soon. So, learning how to take the best selfie possible is vital. But what can you do to make yourself look your absolute best? Here are a few quick and easy tips on how to take the ultimate selfie!

Selfie Angles

Angles are everything because they make your picture look more interesting. If you take all of your photos head-on, they will look flat and boring. Instead, try turning your head in different directions. Also, if you hold the camera higher it will give you a different perspective and a better bust line!

Selfie Props

Props are always a good thing because they add a new element into your photos. Try new accessories or items to hold such as a coffee mug, food, or a new haircut or color! Anything bright and colorful is always good because it will draw attention to your image!

Selfie Smile

Don’t forget to smile! No one wants to see a sad face or someone looking like they are depressed. Remember to have a positive attitude in your images.


Always be aware of your surroundings when taking a selfie. After all, you don’t want the world to see your messy room, bed, bathroom, or car. Take the time to be tidy and neat before you take your selfie. Otherwise, you will be projecting the wrong message no matter what you look like!

Close Up or Full-Length?

The answer is both. Take the time to do a variety of shots. Take a full-length photo of yourself from head to toe. A selfie stick is great for taking full-length pictures. Then, try a mid-length image from the waist up. And finally, take a shot close up on your face. For this one, make certain to touch up your makeup and make sure your hair is in place. This way, you’ll have a variety of images to choose from!


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