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How To Switch To A New Phone Painlessly

Do you have a new phone? Are you excited about the upgraded specs, new features, and a cooler design? We know the feeling, getting a new phone can make you feel like a kid on Christmas morning.

However, when you’re switching over to a new phone, especially a different type of phone, such as from an iPhone to an Android, the process can seem daunting and somewhat confusing too. 

After all, they’re both different, so how can you easily switch? The truth is, the switch can be pretty simple, and we’re going to show you how.

How To Switch To A New Phone Painlessly In 3 Ways

Back-Up All Of Your Existing Data

The first thing you’ve got to do before you switch to your new phone is back up all of your data on your existing phone. 

iCloud does automatic backups at scheduled times, however, you’ll want to make sure that your data is as current as possible and do another backup right before you transfer your data to your new phone. This will make sure that nothing is missing when you do your transfer.  

Since you’ll be switching over from your old iPhone to a new Android phone, you can also back up your data to Google Drive. This will make it easier to transfer data such as contacts, pictures, videos, and calendar events. 

While some phones have apps to help make the transfer from iPhone to Android seamless, such as Samsung with Samsung Smart Switch, others do not. In the event where your new phone doesn’t have an app like this, Google Drive is a great way to transfer your data from your iPhone to your new Android phone. 

Update Your Security Information

If you’re going to be using a new phone number with your new phone, it’s important to update all of your account information, so you get all of your security-related texts/confirmation details sent to your new number instead of your old one.

Even if you aren’t changing your number, you often need to confirm your identity with certain apps when you’re signing in on a new device. Gmail is one example of this. When you log into Gmail on a new device, it typically asks you to confirm your identity before it allows you to access your account on the new device.

Keeping this in mind, it’s important that you log into your accounts on your new phone while having your old one around so that you can confirm your identity and update your security information

Another important thing to do is when transferring from an iPhone to an Android is to turn off iMessage and FaceTime for your phone number. You can do this by going into Settings on your iPhone, tapping Messages, and toggling off iMessage. Repeat the same step for FaceTime. 

Once you’ve transferred all of your security information to your new phone, be sure to remove it from your old phone. While you may not use your old phone, it’s important to not keep that information lying around for others to access it. 

Setting Up Your New Phone

Once you’ve backed up all of your information on your iPhone, as well as moved your security information from your new phone, it’s time to get to the fun part – setting up your new phone. 

First things first: download your backed-up data onto your new Android phone. If you use Samsung or Google Pixel, you’re in luck, because Samsung Smart Switch and Google’s Quick Switch make the process easy and will transfer all of your data from iCloud to your new Android. 

If you’re not using a Samsung or Google Pixel, then your next best bet is to use Google Drive, though it won’t take everything from iCloud, like the other two options mentioned above. 

In the case of music, streaming services make it so that you don’t have to re-download all your music, just your app. For example, if you use Apple Music, you won’t have to switch to a new app, you can simply download the Apple Music app onto your Android device and enjoy your favorite playlists and albums without any worry.

Many apps work on both platforms, so you can easily download them on your new Android phone and log in to access your profiles and information. Unfortunately, if you purchased anything on the App Store, you’ll have to leave it behind, but don’t worry, the Play Store has loads of great apps for you to use too. 

While iPhones are known for their great camera quality, many flagship Android phones also have excellent cameras. If yours does too, be sure to check out our selfie guide to make the most of your brand new camera and take some cute pictures for your Instagram.

Switching To A New Phone Is Easy

We know that switching to a new phone can be both frustrating and thrilling, but we hope this article made it the latter, and you love your new phone.

How’d you like this article? Comment below letting us know your thoughts and how you’re liking your new phone.

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