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How to Style Bermuda Shorts, the Hottest Summer Trend

In the 80s and early 2000, Bermuda shorts were labeled as “ugly.” However, this style of shorts is making a comeback once again this year. In fact, more and more women are opting for this kind of shorts because they can be chic and stylish, especially when worn properly. So, here are some ways to style Bermuda shorts for a perfect warm-weather outfit.

1. Pair It with a Flattering Top

A great feature of Bermuda shorts is their versatility. To be specific, you can pair them with various kinds of tops. For instance, you can wear a semi-loose top with fitted shorts. You can also pair the shorts with a crop top if you want a sexy look. Aside from that, Bermuda shorts will also look great with a blazer, pullover, or bodysuit.

2. Wear Elevated Footwear

One of the best ways to style Bermuda shorts is to wear elevated footwear. Keep in mind that this kind of shorts can also be worn with sneakers or other flat shoes. However, many stylists recommend wearing Bermuda shorts with a short wedge. The reason is that elevated footwear can make your legs look longer in an elegant way. Aside from a wedge, Bermuda shorts will also look stylish with a strappy or kitten heel.

3. Pick Bermuda Shorts with Fun Prints and Patterns

As you know, summer is all about wearing colorful prints and patterns. As such, you can pick Bermuda shorts made with printed fabric for a daring summer outfit. From there, you can wear a neutral-colored top to complete your look. This outfit will not only look effortless but fun and stylish as well.

4. Wear Accessories

Of course, your summer outfit will not be complete without accessories. As such, you can wear a belt to add interest to your Bermuda shorts. Aside from that, a layered necklace can also make your outfit appealing. You can also wear a statement earring for a complete and polished look.

All in all, these are some ways to style Bermuda shorts. Keep in mind that choosing the right fit of shorts is the key to a stunning outfit. Remember, your shorts must fit nicely so that they can highlight your figure. From there, you can pair your shorts with the right top, footwear, and accessories to create a fun and playful summer outfit. The best part is that Bermuda shorts are versatile; thus, they can be paired with various styles of tops and footwear.

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