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How to Style a Slip Dress

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Recently, many fashion designers have been looking back at the 90s with nostalgia. Makeup, combat boots, and now slip dresses are making their way back into the current trend lineup.

The effortless and ultra-feminine slip is just as comfortable as your favorite nighty and super sexy, too! What’s so appealing about the slip dress is also its versatility and timelessness. Any glam girl can wear it out to a classy dinner date and still wear it to a club afterwards and be just as appropriate.

With so many options of styling, here are three options for pairing this classic slip dress.



The little black dress is something every girl owns; the little black slip dress is something every girl covets. This look perfectly encompasses the beauty of the slip dress’s simplicity and its classy sexiness all in one. The black slip dress is the perfect go-to for any girl wanting to embrace this trend while at the same time keep things simple and not dive in too deep. Pair this piece with a strappy stiletto and a nude clutch and you could be caught looking timelessly glam in any setting.


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