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How to Stop Suffering from Sore Feet from Work

Standing all day, whether at a play or at work, can have a damaging effects on your legs, feet, and back. Every year, foot problems are reported. An increasing number of sick days are also taken due to leg and foot problems.

Whether you’re teaching in a classroom, cutting hair in a salon, cooking in a restaurant, or folding clothes at a store, undertaking measures that help protect your legs will go a long way in ensuring you stay healthy and comfortable. If you don’t know the steps to take, don’t worry! We’re here to help.

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Instances of sore feet can be very painful. You’ll need a product that can help reduce your pain.

What Causes Sore Feet?

Like many job-related hazards, standing is designed for a specific job. Some work practices may force you to do things repetitively without breaks. Standing for long periods of time is worse when you can’t wear suitable footwear or you aren’t able to move around. Working on hard surfaces, too, is also likely to take a toll on your muscles.

Your muscles will work to hold you in an upright position. If you don’t rest or move around, the joints from your neck all through to your feet may become temporarily stuck. If this happens regularly, your muscles, their tendons, and ligament may be damaged. This leads to soft tissues injuries.

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Standing for long hours reduces the amount of blood that flows to your muscles. It also stops regular muscle movements that return the blood back to the heart. Other body fluids will also not move unless these muscles contract. If body fluids and blood don’t move properly, vein inflammation happens. As a result, your legs, ankles, and feet swell causing muscle pain.

What are Other Effects of Standing for Long Hours?

The most common symptom effect include fatigue, discomfort, and swelling in your feet. If you spend too much time on your feet, you’re likely to develop sore feet. In fact, scientific research intimates that musculoskeletal disorders are among the leading cause of work-related-ill-health. At least 17% of these disorders affect the lower limbs.

There are other serious health concerns that result from long standing hours including worsening of varicose veins, coronary heart disease, and chronic venous insufficiency. In fact, people who stand all day while working are twice more likely to develop sore feet and other complications than those who sit while working.

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What Can You Do to Prevent These Injuries?

You can minimize the risks resulting from standing for long, especially if you’re suffering from stiff leg muscles. Below are some tips to help reduce these health hazards.

You may try to improve your posture or alternate between standing and sitting. If you’ve been standing for long, use slow periods and break periods to sit. Also, try to move around to avoid these problems. But what happens if the pain persists?

How Do You Manage the Pain?

At times, even with all the prevention strategies, you may still get sore feet. The pain may persist for weeks, months or years. The pain has a negative effect on the quality of your life. That’s why you should do everything to prevent it or at least try to relieve it. A good way to get rid of the pain temporarily would be using CBDMEDIC creams, which are the first FDA-registered company to develop Over the Counter topical medications infused with organic natural ingredients along with legal hemp extract Cannabis sativa L (THC-free and non-psychoactive) to help manage pain.

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You could really benefit from exercising. Taking some Yoga or Pilates classes are great solutions. Also, Mediation can help you relax and ease the pain as well.



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