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How to Stay Organized Throughout the Chaos of Fall and Back to School

Autumn is the best season to organize your things. After all, the beginning of the school year can be chaotic if you’re not prepared. Remember, the school year will change your schedule due to added activities. Aside from that, this season has numerous holidays that can alter your usual routine. The problem is that these changes may lead to stress if you’re not organized. Fortunately, you can transition easily with these tips to stay organized throughout the chaos of fall and back to school.

1. Prioritize

You can stay organized through the chaos of autumn by knowing your priorities. First, you have to list all your daily and weekly tasks. From there, you can start organizing your schedule, starting from the most important tasks to the least. If you have kids, you can include them in your schedule and divide the tasks between you and your family to get some downtime. Remember, you and your family can finish all your chores and find some free time to relax and unwind if everyone cooperates.

2. Make a Family Calendar and File Center

One of the best tips to stay organized throughout the chaos of fall and back to school is to set up a family calendar and file center. As you know, your schedule will be more complicated once the school year starts. However, a calendar can help you track everyone’s schedule.

When setting up a family calendar, you can place it in a space where everyone can see it. Each member of the family will write their activities on the calendar. You can also color-code every family member, allowing you to keep track of their schedules.

Aside from a family calendar, putting file baskets in the area can also help you organize things. You can label the baskets with “From School” and “To School.” Then, your kids can place any documents that you need to see or sign in the “From School” basket. Once you’ve signed them, you can put them in the “To School” basket.

3. Create a Morning Routine Schedule

Finally, the last on this list of tips to stay organized throughout the chaos of fall and back to school is to create a morning routine schedule. As you know, school mornings can be chaotic. Still, you can ensure everyone is ready on time by making a morning routine schedule.

When creating a morning routine schedule, you have to discuss it with your family. That way, you can determine the time everyone will wake up. Aside from that, you can also create a breakfast plan and shower schedule to keep everyone and everything organized.

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