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Tips and Tricks on How to Resist the Temptation of Holiday Treats

Holiday Treats
Temptations and How to Beat Them

The holidays are right around the corner! It’s truly the most wonderful time of year, but for those of us who’ve been watching out figures and working hard to get it right and get it tight… it can be devastating. The holidays, for some, are the time for setbacks and regrets, and that’s something we all desperately try to avoid.

Holiday parties, grocery store advertising, special treats at work… we’re simply bombarded by holiday treats. Is there any real way to come out of the holidays unscathed by more than just one or two extra pounds? Absolutely! Here we have our best tricks on how to resist that temptation!

Healthy Snacking is Key

Mistake number one in splurging on those Christmas cookies at your company party? Showing up hungry. No, you don’t want to eat a meal before a meal, but a few well timed snacks throughout the day could be a major game changer for you. Rather than showing up ready to chow down, show up with a small healthy snack already on your stomach .¨ think: a serving of almonds, which tend to be very filling for what they are. Avoiding that extreme hunger will help drastically in avoiding the “eyes bigger than your belly” troubles.

Set Limits, but Always Allow Yourself Some Grace

If you care at all about not getting carried away, be intentional about telling yourself just how much you will or won’t eat, and stick to it. Don’t expect to fall in line with limits without being intentional… everyone knows that one brownie leads to two, which leads to three and sometimes four, if you don’t say, “OK, just one”. Verbalizing that limit internally will trigger an alarm if you find yourself thinking about going back for seconds.

Have Some Accountability

So you’re baking for the holidays, and you have all kinds of sweet treats right there in your own home… how can you resist that? Accountability is key when treats are always right under your nose. Have your spouse hide your favorite box of cookies, or check in with you to see how you’re doing with resisting the urge to chow down. It’s okay to have someone help in your efforts, if you’re truly serious about it, two are always better than one.

Treat Yourself!

Nothing is more overwhelming or miserable for a sweets-aholic than saying, “never again”. Do not go into this holiday season thinking that you can’t enjoy a single holiday treat. In fact, we want you to enjoy everything the holiday season has to offer .¨ sweets included! The key is not losing yourself and forgetting your boundaries in the process, and this is much easier to do when you know you can indulge every once in a while.

Try this approach: depending on your goals, take it one day or one week at a time. Assuming a daily goal works for you, use sweet treats as a punishment or reward… if you make it through the day sticking to your boundaries, allow yourself a reward at the end of the day and have a slice of your favorite pie. If you fall off the bandwagon, though, forgo that little treat at the end of the day.

Avoiding that temptation is definitely doable during the holiday season, but it’s all about having a plan. What’s your plan?

Photo Credit: Brina Blum via Unsplash

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