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How to Refresh Your Makeup Bag for 2018

It is astonishing how many of our skin issues we could easily avoid if we just listened. Listened to our dermatologist, listened to the countless beauty articles, and even listened to our makeup bag! If you pay close attention, you’ll notice that your makeup is giving you signs. What we’re talking about is noticing when your foundation starts to give off a strange smell. Recognize your ingredients labels when they tell you how toxic they are. Most importantly, listen to that expiration date listed on every product!

We all tend to stick to the same makeup bag with the same products for years on end until our products run out. Well, it’s time to wake up and refresh your makeup bag for 2018! We’ve got some tips and tricks to help you keep your makeup collection in healthy, cruelty-free and perfect condition all year round.

Ticking Time Bombs

We often read our makeup packaging quite closely. We read it to see what kind of coverage the foundation is, how many ounces everything contains, and the promises that products make. Every time we can our products we overlook one tiny drawing on the bottom: the strange drawing of a jar with a number.

If more people paid attention to what this drawing means, a lot less pimples would appear throughout the year! The truth is, most of us continue to use expired makeup for months on end. Can you imagine drinking expired milk well beyond it’s time? So, why do it with makeup?

Every product comes with that drawing of a jar and either the numbers 3, 6 or 12. What these numbers represent is the number of months before this product expires once opened. Keep track of these dates to make sure you stick strictly to tossing the makeup out once it’s expired — EVEN if it seems fine!

Ingredients Are Key

While you’re over there perusing your makeup product’s label, take a look at the ingredients. So many makeup products contain ingredients likely to cause an allergic reaction . An example would be high contents of alcohol. If alcohol is one of the first listed ingredients, it is time to toss that aside — especially if it is a skincare product!

There are so many natural and organic beauty products out there that you no longer need to accept toxic ingredients to get quality products! Countless cruelty-free and organic brands offer amazing beauty with completely natural and safe ingredients.

Cruelty-Free No More

As huge advocates of sticking to an entirely cruelty-free beauty routine, we hope our readers are as well! If you love saving the animals and sticking to cruelty free all year round like us, then it’s time to pay close attention.

Especially over this past year, we’ve witnessed many brands switch back from cruelty-free over to the dark side. It’s important to regularly check that your favorite brands are still cruelty-free. For example, NARS have always been a cruelty-free brand until they recently started selling in China, inherently making them no longer cruelty-free. Kylie Jenner now also sells makeup brushes with real hair, making her entire cosmetics line no longer cruelty-free.

To experience a year with fewer skin problems, it’s best to refresh your makeup bag to start off your new year on a high note.

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