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How to Prep Your Kids for a Safe and Fun Mask-Free School Year

This fall, many schools have started to reopen their face-to-face classes. Unfortunately, these changes can affect your children, especially if they have not experienced attending classes before the pandemic. Still, you can prepare them for the upcoming school year. The key is to discuss with them the various prevention strategies that will protect them from the COVID-19 virus. To give you a better view, here are some ways to prep your kids for a safe and fun mask-free school year.

1. Discuss the Coming School Year

The first thing you need to do to prepare your child for a safe and fun school year is to discuss the changes that will happen once the face-to-face classes start. As you know, there will be changes in class schedules and structure. Aside from that, there will be additional rules and safety procedures that they should abide by, like regular handwashing and social distancing. When discussing these changes, you have to make sure that your kid understands the importance of following these rules.

2. Build a Healthy Routine or Habits

One of the best ways to prep your kids for a safe and fun mask-free school year is to build a healthy routine or habits. Keep in mind that a healthy and fit body is your child’s first defense against the COVID-19 virus. For this reason, experts recommend giving them nutritious meals and snacks. Aside from that, they should also get enough sleep. You can make sure your kids adapt to these healthy habits by creating a routine they can follow, especially during school days.

3. Discuss the Importance of Good Hygiene

Another great way to prepare your child for the coming school year is to teach them the importance of good hygiene. As you know, your child can prevent the COVID-19 virus from spreading with good hygiene practices and habits. For example, you have to discuss with them the importance of frequently washing their hands. Additionally, you should also teach them to cover their noses and mouths with a tissue when sneezing or coughing.

Aside from those practices, you should also explain the symptoms of COVID-19 infection, including headache, muscle pain, fever, productive cough, sore throat, and chills. You have to tell them that they should immediately inform you if they feel any of these symptoms or if they notice someone with these symptoms. That way, you can ensure that your kid will get proper treatment and that the infection will not spread.

All in all, these are some ways to prep your kids for a safe and fun mask-free school year. Always remember that your child will be safe if they know and follow the health protocols for the new normal. If they follow the rules, they will have a safe and wonderful time learning at school.


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