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How to Pick Your Bridal Gown for a Summer Wedding

Summertime is here, and one thing is certain: it is a very popular time to have a wedding. Summer weddings are always in style, so it’s the perfect time to plan your ceremony and pick your dream wedding dress. There are many factors that come into play when picking a gown, so we’re here to help you think through all the options to choose the gown that is best for you.

Think About Buying Online

While so many people choose to go into bridal stores, most forget there are many great options online, as well. In fact, many of the best wedding dresses are found online, but they get overlooked because brides get nervous about purchasing their dresses online. But, never fear! You must always get your wedding dress tailored, anyway, so buying online isn’t a risky choice. So, we encourage you to buy a bridal dress online. There are so many amazing options out there that don’t exist in the few bridal stores you will find near you. And, since you’re going to get it tailored anyway, there’s no reason to fear the fit being not completely perfect. That will come after your many fittings.

Sleeve Options

Wedding dresses consist of the following cuts: strapless, short-sleeved, and long-sleeved. While many think that a wedding dress must be sleeveless or have short sleeves in the summer, that’s not exactly true. In fact, a wedding gown with long sleeves can be perfect for your indoor summer wedding. Why? The air conditioner will most likely be on high during the summer months, leaving you cold during an indoor ceremony. And there are so many light-weight fabrics that offer sleeves that won’t heat you up in the summer.

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The Fabric of the Dress

Speaking of fabric choices, during a summer wedding, the fabric of the dress will directly affect your level of comfort. For instance, if you choose a dress with heavier fabrics, you will sweat more if you have an outdoor ceremony. Perhaps, think of picking lighter, more flowing fabrics such as chiffon. And lace is always a good idea for summer weddings. Lace will give you a glamorous style that covers you without trapping in too much heat.

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The Silhouette of the Dress

The cut of the dress is very important to think about when purchasing a dress for your summer wedding. While sleeves made from light-material are perfect for the summer, you may want to avoid the wedding gown silhouettes that have too much volume. Those with too much volume in the skirt (specifically) will make you too hot for a summer wedding. So, it’s best to avoid a-line, ball gown, and some mermaid silhouettes to keep you from being too warm and sweaty on your wedding day. Instead, stick to trumpet, column, and tea-length silhouettes in light fabrics and laces.

Think About Getting a Short Wedding Dress

While some may think a short wedding dress is tacky, we’re here to tell you that just isn’t true. Short wedding dresses are very much in style right now. It’s all about picking the right dress, however. Some short wedding dresses can appear less classy, so you want to stick to those with the right fabric that cover more of your shoulders to allow for short cut of the skirt to not take away from the class of the dress. In fact, long sleeve options are perfect for tea-length wedding dresses. Avoid anything that cuts shorter than your knees. If you’re going to go with a short dress, we recommend picking a tea-length one.

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Enjoy your summer wedding and be sure to follow these tips so you can have a glamorous and comfortable wedding look.


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