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How to Not Get Overwhelmed by a Busy Schedule

Lately, I’ve been lucky enough to have been blessed with a ton of new opportunities. However, walking through the door of opportunity when you are an anxious and highly sensitive person can feel more stressful than exciting. I can’t tell you enough how difficult it is to find harmony between the two. There’s such a fine balance between pushing yourself to grow and getting so overwhelmed that you become paralyzed and instead end up doing nothing. It is so important to have a comfort zone to rely on, as long as that comfort zone is expanded every so often from time to time. Here are a few hacks to survive the whirlwind of activity when you would rather be at home in your pajamas.


When you are balancing a week full of appointments, meetings, classes, running errands, and hobbies, it is an absolute NECESSITY to plan a time to schedule in “relax/me time“. It can be 10-20 minutes a day or you can devote a whole evening to yourself. It may sound absurd to have to pencil in down time, but if it’s not scheduled ahead of time, the chances are we won’t allow ourselves to stop and we will burn out. If you burn out, the chances of getting sick will be higher and you also won’t be able to perform to the best of your ability throughout the week. If we still have a chance throughout the week to do some unwinding and things that just make us happy we won’t resent being busy.


I’ll admit, this is the hardest thing for my to do when I have a super busy schedule. When I’m busy, it means I’ll be out late and most likely working early the next morning. Because of my hypersensitivity trait, when I don’t get enough sleep I get super cranky the next day and getting through an entire day of work feels like the equivalent to getting teeth pulled. It’s excruciating. The reason why this is hard for me is because if I am out on the town at night or out with friends late, I often feel energized and have a hard time winding down and falling asleep, even with warm tea and late night reality TV re-runs on. My mind personally tends to race late at night, but if you can avoid that, try and make it a priority to get a full eight hours of sleep each night to guarantee that you will be feeling your best mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.


I love prepping for the next day the night before because it allows me some extra time to sleep in in the morning which relieves stress. If you have an event, or something big going on, make sure you devote a good amount of time to preparing for it the night before. No one likes the feeling of being on edge or the stress that comes with waiting ’til the last minute. I’m a huge advocate of over-preparing because I get stressed so easily and it makes me feel calm when I have control over a situation, not the situation having control over me. I understand life happens, and you need to be able to go with the flow and adjust to certain circumstances, but always first take advantage over what you do have control.


Eating clean will always and forever be difficult for me because I don’t cook, nor do I even like cooking. For me, I’m always so exhausted by the time I get home from all my activities at night that the last thing I want to do is cook. Finding healthy meals that don’t involve a lot of prep time are difficult to find but not impossible. I always notice a huge different in my mood and stamina when I am eating cleaner versus when I binge and eat whatever I want. There’s a time and a place to treat yourself, but if you have a busy schedule, your meals will be your fuel. Choose wisely so you don’t end up crashing.


I understand completely how exciting and flattering it is to get many opportunities. I consider myself to be very fortunate. However, there have been times where I have turned down opportunities because I knew I would just be hurting myself more than helping myself. Sometimes I have turned down social and business opportunities solely because of the fact that I was listening to my body and I needed rest. Hypersensitive people need more rest than others. Often, most people don’t understand that when I tell them. Know yourself, know your body, and know your limits regardless of what other people think. Only you truly know what’s best for you.


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