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How to Make Your Wardrobe Both Functional and Fashionable

It’s time to start rebuilding your wardrobe! Why? Honestly, we could all be better when it comes to keeping up with our closets and ensuring they only contain necessary pieces that we like to wear. You might think building a functional and fashionable wardrobe is something complicated that requires an entire fortune and lots of time. Well, that’s just not true! It can be a pleasant and interesting process, as nowadays the fashion industry offers a myriad of amazing style choices for every taste and budget. You should simply get oriented in your style and understand the pieces that make you look your best. Skim through the following useful fashion tips on how to build a functional and fashion-forward wardrobe, and have fun with your styling!

Clean Out Your Closet

The first step in creating a functional and fashionable wardrobe is to clean out your closet. Keeping things that you don’t wear will not make your wardrobe richer and more varied. Get rid of old-fashioned, ill-fitting and worn-out clothes, as well as those in which you don’t feel comfortable and confident. Throw away torn and stretched-out pieces, as well as garments with irremovable stains.

Focus on the Basics

Wardrobe basics are essential. They are those items that be easily mixed and matched with other pieces in your closet. Wardrobe essentials include a little black dress, a pair of jeans, a white shirt, a pencil skirt, a pair of stylish trousers, classic pumps in black, brown or beige colors, comfy flats, a cardigan, a coat or a leather jacket, a stylish and functional bag, a simple scarf, and some versatile jewelry.

Think Neutral colors

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Although bright colors and eye-popping prints may be the easiest way of attracting attention, they aren’t always on trend. Moreover, it’s important to focus on neutrals first if you want to create a functional wardrobe. These colors are timeless and can be easily mixed and matched both with brights and neutrals. Think black, white, brown, grey, camel, navy and cream.

Rely on Layering

Layering is great, as with this simple trick you can easily create various looks, from smart to casual, from day to night and from cold to warm. This requires a little styling knowledge for the best results. For instance, match your dress with a sweater or a blazer, wear a tank under a t-shirt, a shirt with a fancy collar vest, etc.

Pay Attention to Trends

Although basics are essential for creating a functional wardrobe, it’s also important to pay attention to trends in order to look fashion-forward. Yes, trends come and go very quickly, and it’s difficult to catch up with them. However, adding a couple of on-trend pieces will make you look fresh and updated.

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Pay Attention to the Fit

No matter how voguish and beautiful your clothes are, you’ll not look great in them if they don’t fit you. It’s an unbreakable rule. Make sure that every item you buy is your size and flatters your shape. To keep your outfits look neat and wrinkle-free, you should use a clothes steamer, check out this guide from the unclutterer on how to choose the perfect one for your needs.

Get Pieces for Different Occasions

A functional and fashion-forward wardrobe shouldn’t be composed of only jeans and t-shirts. It’s important to have something proper for every event. It’s wise to own some formal attire, dresses, casual attire and work attire.

Consider Your Lifestyle

It’s important to consider your lifestyle when buying new things. Focus on pieces that will make you feel confident and comfortable in daily situations. For instance, if you work outdoors and walk a lot, towering high heels and an elegant pencil skirt might not work for you, though they are just the thing for someone else with a desk job.

Accentuate Your Personality

It’s a well-known fact that people judge someone by her outfits first. So no matter how strict dress code at your work is, you should spice things up with a touch of attitude and go for details that highlight your personality. Don’t copy others and try to look unique, relying on your own interests and taste. Try to avoid the same looks and experiment with your styling.

Last but not least, always have fun with your styling. After all, fashion is fun and creativity is always welcomed. Dressing is fun as far as you have a functional and fashionable wardrobe. Just mix and match your favorite items, add color, accessorize and enjoy the process!

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