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How to Make Your Holiday Wishlist Reflect Your 2018 Self-Care Goals

Are you thinking about cleaning up your diet? How about improving your IQ? Decreasing depression symptoms? Or maybe you need to build a little confidence and self esteem? We’ve matched the perfect holiday gift with personal life improvement goals, so come present-opening time you’ll be pleasantly unsurprised with a gift you can really use. And one that’ll make your life much better, and maybe even longer!

Find Your Inner Zen

If improved flexibility, posture, blood flow, happiness, blood sugar levels, muscle strength, respiration, focus, balance, energy, metabolism, weight control, and cardio health are on your list of 2018 resolutions, you’ll want to consider taking up yoga.

Add to your wish list: A high quality yoga mat and a gift certificate to a month worth of classes.

Become A Better Cook

If you need more quality time with your family and you’re interested in eating higher quality food, you should consider taking up cooking. But cooking isn’t just about making family life better; cooking is also a form of self-care. When you’re cooking for yourself, you can build up your confidence and self-esteem.

Add to your wish list: Depending on where you’re at with your current cooking skills, review which course best meets your needs.

Add Music To Your Life

So you say you’re looking to improve your IQ? Or, how about increasing your memory? Have too much stress or depression? These are just a few of the many benefits of learning a musical instrument.

Add to your wish list: Consider taking up guitar lessons from the comfort of your own home. Check out reviews of the best online guitar lessons, and add this to your list.

Pick Up A Good Book

Looking to expand your knowledge and vocabulary? How about developing stronger analytical skills or improving your focus and concentration? These are the great things that happen when you read a book.

Add to your wish list: A gift certificate to your favorite bookstore.

Test Your Green Thumb

Need a mood boost? Or how about a little exercise? Maybe a little extra sunshine to decrease symptoms of depression of seasonal affective disorder. These are a few of the benefits that come from taking up gardening.

Add to your wish list: Depending on whether you want a flower garden or a vegetable garden, there’s plenty of starter kits to get you on track.

Write Your Own Life Story

You might be needing to sort out your feelings or focus on mindfulness. Journaling can work to help you achieve your goals, while boosting your memory. And by writing down what’s on your mind, it can give you a valuable, alternative perspective.

Add to your wish list: A journal, and throw in a fancy pen.

Work On Your 2018 Bod

Interested in reducing your risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease? How about improving your mental health and mood while losing some extra weight? Or maybe you just need to increase your chance of living longer? Increasing your physical fitness has multitudes of great benefits.

Add to your wish list: You’ll have to consider whether you wish to workout at home with a new piece of exercise equipment. You can get an introductory exercise bicycle for as little as $100, or a balance trainer for building muscles for around $50. Or you may want to ask for a gym membership, where you can get out and work on multiple pieces of equipment.

Remember, it’s never too late to learn something new. As we’ve shown, a commitment to lifelong learning can have plenty of wonderful benefits. So grab that pen and paper and get started with your perfect holiday wish list.


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