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How To Make More Female Friends

I used to have a lot of girlfriends in my childhood. But as I transitioned to a teenager and finally an adult, it became much harder to make friends with girls. And I know that I’m not the only one. Most women find it more difficult to find friends than men do. This can often make women miss out on some of the best friendships they could’ve ever made.

Even though movies like The Duff, Mean Girls and many more haven’t left us with a lot of hope, it’s still possible to have more girlfriends.


It may be hard. I know from firsthand experience that it is. If you tend to be introverted or on the shier side, then this may seem like a nightmare. I promise you that it’s not that bad. Even if you face a few rejections, it’ll increase your confidence and you’ll feel proud of having taken the initiative. If you suffer from social anxiety, then you should consider some professional help. Go slow in the beginning, maybe just a couple of people at first. Most women are quite nice and open to being friends. Who knows how close you two might become in the future?

The first step is to set certain principles and stick to them. Living a valued lifestyle by working towards your goals and becoming the best version of yourself will help you find supportive friends who’ll motivate you to grow further.

Real friendship is about the value you add to each other’s lives. So if you want good friends, you need to be a good friend. This includes helping or being there for them during crises and being happy for their success. Gossiping or using them to make your own ends meet is a no-no!

For a start, you could try striking up a conversation with a female classmate or colleague about a project or a presentation and go forward from there. If you’re a stay-at-home mom, then this can be done with neighbors by talking about local activities, and there are always the moms of your child/children’s friends. Your hobbies may help in this: Cooking class, bookstores, concerts etc are great places to meet like-minded women. If you’re religious, then it might be possible for you to bond with other women at your place of worship through your faith.

With the advent of technology, it’s very easy to make friends online. Though I would advise some caution since it may not always be safe. But what you can do is to try reconnecting with some childhood/college friends and extended family, if possible. And if all else fails, there plenty of virtual and in-person support groups you can join. You’ll be sure to find some friends there.

Another technique that’s personally worked for me is trying to connect on a deeper level with girls I already know, ones that go beyond superficial stuff. For example: Shared hobbies, life goals, future plans etc. Identifying mutual respect through loyalty and acceptance helps to build strong bonds which will last even as you go in different directions or various stages of life.


Over the years, I’ve actually managed to find some great girl friends that are quite close to me. I’m truly grateful for all of them. Female solidarity makes a woman’s life better. You get to bond with people of your gender and similar experiences. Their accomplishments inspire you to learn more and improve yourself. Female companionship works wonders for a woman’s confidence by forming a support system and giving her a safe place to express herself. Ultimately it enhances your life and makes sure that someone’s there for you when you’re down.


At the end of the day, it’s important to befriend good people who motivate you, not toxic ones who drain your energy. Make sure to look at the friends you’re making and the value they add to your life. If you haven’t found many female friends yet, don’t worry. Take heart, you’re not alone. There are many great women just like you. You haven’t met them yet, but you will. Happy friend hunting!


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