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How to Make a Girl Fall Love with You

Step 1. Self-confidence might just make a woman love you

From this begins the path to any achievement. Self-assurance is a quality that nature has endowed with ancient men. The man was a hunter, and he had to be confident in his abilities to bring more food home. And this meant that other men could not feed their family, and women refused to continue their family with them.

On a subconscious level, everything remains the same now. A man must initially believe in himself. Women always notice confident men. Firstly, every girl wants a strong and confident man to take care of her. Secondly, her instincts will suggest that she has a good future with this person.

The main issue is that there is no magic pill that will instantly turn you into a confident person. It comes gradually. To do this, you need to set ambitious goals and look for ways to get what you want. You should work on yourself, travel, open new horizons, constantly leave your comfort zone, play sports, earn more.

This is a very long work, and if you want to be successful in the foreseeable future, then you need to start right now, without delay.

Step 2. Add mystery to your image

The girl can like your feelings, but you should never talk about them directly (at least until you have been in the status of a “couple” for a long time). The man at the same time plays the role of a hunter and lures the victim by appearing and disappearing from her life, showing interest in her first, then indifference. Thus, he shows the girl that he is interested in her. There is no better way to draw women’s attention to your person. Women fall in love with this type of men. Sometimes it is good to make the girl a little jealous, but not too often.

Step 3. Maintain a positive attitude

Almost all girls like men with a sense of humor. He should not be boring, and he should know how to make her family and friends laugh and like him.

But this also applies to the ease with which he looks at life. A positive person will not whine about his failures and will always immediately find a way out of the situation. He does not get involved in a fight but tries to resolve the issue peacefully. He will come to the aid in difficult times and will help to solve any problems quickly and effortlessly. Something in you may repel the girl. There are some common reasons why a girl does not notice a guy. Go through this article carefully, because you may find one of these problems at home.

Step 4. Make her feel special

Listen to what she says. Men are often just pleased to be with a girl they like, but they don’t like it when their women talk about something.

Do not miss her stories, because there is a lot of information that will be useful to you in the future. Where she spends her time, what is the name of her best friend, maybe she has an allergy. The young lady will be pleasantly surprised when you remember this, and will not ask again.

Show and explain why you chose her. Focus not only on appearance but also on character traits or behavior. She probably does not believe that she can attract a good interesting man, because even a seemingly confident woman has a lot of complexes.

Such tactics will show the young lady that you can see more than others. Thus, you will be able to inspire confidence in her.

Here are some useful tips that will come in handy:

  • Find out what her favorite flowers are and stop confusing daisies with white chrysanthemums.
  • Order a bouquet and send it to her work with the courier.
  • Give her a year of perfect dates.
  • Fulfill her long-standing desire or small dreams.
  • Share with her your dreams and ideas.


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