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How To Make A Bold Statement With Your Furniture

Luxury interior design trends come in and out of fashion, but some looks remain timeless and will never go out of style. Making a bold statement in any room allows you to stamp your personality on a space and create something unique because something which is personal to you can’t lose its appeal. If you want to create a bold statement in a room you’re redecorating, here are five pointers to help you achieve that through your home furnishings and décor.

Considering how you use the space

The first thing you need to consider is the purpose of your space. The bedroom, for instance, is a private space and you don’t necessarily need or want to make an impact statement there. The living room, dining room or even the kitchen might be used for entertaining, and it’s these more ‘public’ spaces of the home which are best suited to statement pieces. In the living room, you might think about how a statement sofa, artwork or piece of home lighting might become a strong focal point. Similarly, a stand-out dining table could work wonders, as could an island counter unit or bold marble countertops in the kitchen. Once you know how you will use a space and where your eye is naturally drawn, you’ll have a better idea of which rooms are suited to making a statement for your household.

Placement and scale tips

The pieces you choose to make a statement with have to be matched proportionally to the size of the room. If you have a smaller living room, for example, then filling it with a large statement sofa is going to make the space feel incredibly crowded and the effect will be overwhelming. Try to match your statement furniture or lighting to the size of the room, and where the eye is naturally drawn. Take the same approach as you would creating a piece of art, by taking a step back and seeing whether your statement works well where it is or whether it needs tweaking. Remember that it doesn’t have to be permanent, so take an outsider’s view and adjust things accordingly.

Using colour and pattern

If you want a room to look cohesive, you might decide to decorate using the same colour palette throughout or choose furniture from the same range. If you want to really make an impact, however, you could bring in something which is going to clash in terms of colour, pattern or form. Take the colour wheel as an example. Rather than choosing colours which are nicely grouped together, you might choose to make a feature of a wall or soft furnishings by throwing a contrasting colour into the mix – yellow scatter cushions in a room painted in blues, or a stand-out red feature wall in a room of softer creams. You can use patterns in a similar way, contrasting it with more plain furnishings through the use of rugs, curtains or throws. You can find online retail furniture shop that offers a wide selection of furniture with bold colors and patterns. Also, don’t be afraid to mix and match different styles, as long as it reflects your personal taste and adds character to the room.

Lighting up your home

Home lighting is a brilliant way to make a bold statement, whether it’s the statement in its own right or used to highlight another feature. Lighting can itself be the main feature of a room, whether it’s a stunning pendant or chandelier or brightly coloured décor lampshades which contrast with your colour scheme. Lights can also be used to showcase other features, such as artwork. If you have a bespoke artwork on the wall then you want to draw people’s attention to it, and that can be done through the effective use of downlights, including special picture lights to illuminate the piece.

Making a statement through bold furniture

If you don’t want to make a feature of a wall, then using furniture to make a bold statement is an alternative route to go down. A bespoke sofa, wooden bed frame or coffee table, for instance, can catch the eye and really stand out, and it’s worth paying a bit extra to get something of real quality which is going to last for many years to come. The best statement furniture steals the gaze away from the rest of the room, whether it’s through bold colour, vibrant pattern or unusual shapes, so don’t be afraid to flex your creativity and think outside the box.

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