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How to Lighten Up Your Dark Hair: A Step-by-Step Guide

A fun option to change your look is to lighten your dark hair. The simplest way to lighten your strands is to use bleach. Unfortunately, there are numerous horror stories about bleaching hair. For this reason, it is best to let an experienced hairstylist bleach your hair. Even so, there are several ways to lighten your hair without using this product, especially if you’d like to do it subtly. To give you a better view, here are some steps to lighten up your dark hair at home.

A. Apply Apple Cider Vinegar Solution

Apple cider vinegar is an excellent product you can use to lighten your dark strands because it can also get rid of the residue buildup on your scalp and hair.


1. The first step to lightening your hair with apple cider vinegar is to make a solution by mixing one part of apple cider vinegar with six parts of water.

2. Afterward, pour the solution into a spray bottle. Then, spray it all over your hair.

3. Leave the solution on your hair for about 15 to 30 minutes, and rinse.

Keep in mind that apple cider vinegar is gentler compared to bleach. As such, you need to repeat the procedure several times to achieve your desired result. You can do this method twice a week without the risk of damaging your hair.

B. Combine Lemon Juice and Conditioner

Lemon juice is a popular product used to lighten dark strands. However, it may damage your hair because of its acidity. For this reason, experts recommend mixing it with a conditioner or moisturizer to prevent damage. So, here are the steps to lighten up your dark hair at home using lemon.


1. The first step in using this method is to squeeze the juice of fresh lemons and place it into a bowl. You can add a little bit of water to dilute the acidity of lemon juice.

2. Next, mix two parts of lemon juice with one part moisturizer (coconut oil) or conditioner. Then, transfer the mixture into a spray bottle.

3. Afterward, apply the mixture to your hair or the part your want to lighten.

4. Then, expose your hair to direct sunlight for about 30 to 45 minutes. This step will activate the lightening effects of lemon juice. Of course, don’t forget to apply sunscreen before going outside.

5. Rinse thoroughly.

Important Things to Remember

All in all, those are some of the steps to lighten up your dark hair at home. Keep in mind that natural lightening products usually work if you have fair strands with fine texture. As such, these natural products may not work if you have black or dark brown hair. If this is the case, experts recommend working with a hairstylist to lighten your strands.

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