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How To Launch A Successful Art Event

One can assume that an art event simply revolves on hanging pieces of art on the wall, serving some wine, having a variety of snacks, and then calling it a day. But if you want to launch a successful art event—an event that’ll leave a remarkable impression on all attendees—you need to have a vision. You can accomplish this by having imagination and proper planning.

This is why some art exhibits, especially those in prime locations, like New York City, are more successful than others. For instance, they may go the extra mile by inviting influential people, such as celebrities and artists. Essentially, organizers for these successful events have to be innovative, have great attention to detail, and tap into their network.

So if you’re planning to launch an art event soon, here are some ways to make it successful:

Have a theme

Most, if not all, art exhibitions have an underlying theme. The purpose of the theme is to combine different artworks together, with each artist giving an interpretation of your theme. Because of this, you need to select a theme that’s flexible enough so each artist can freely express themselves. But just because it’s flexible doesn’t mean that it no longer has to be structured. Do note that a structured theme will create a cohesive collection of art pieces, even if they’re created by different artists.

For your reference, here are some popular themes that most successful art exhibits adopt:

  • Miniature art
  • Local inspiration
  • Famous landmarks
  • Interactive art
  • 3D art
  • Self-portrait
  • Inspired by great artists (1)

Design your exhibit

Now that you have a unique theme, the next thing you should do is to set up your shop correctly. Remember, an art gallery shouldn’t focus only on selling art pieces. But it should also be a venue that exudes culture. This is especially true since people nowadays can easily find art pieces online. With this, it’s time to give visitors a unique experience––an experience where they won’t be confined with pixels that they may experience when looking at art pieces online. (2)

So before looking for the best New York art gallery for rent or any ideal location you planned, here are some design tips to make your art event successful:

  • Hang art pieces at eye level:By using this technique, you don’t only allow the pieces to be conveniently seen, but it’ll also make the entire event more professional. Also, it’ll help visitors view one artwork to the next with ease.
  • Give spaces between each art piece:Having at least 30% of blank wall will give each art piece sufficient breathing room. Doing so will also make your art event look more modern, which makes it perfect if you’re going for this type of theme.
  • Have adequately lighting:Of course, you don’t want to blind your customers to the point that it’ll make viewing a hassle. Instead, try to have an adequate number of lighting and place it in strategic locations. And remember that your goal is to emphasize the piece, so ensure that all your artworks receive adequate lighting. You can also opt for cross-light since it can spread the light well, allowing good coverage. (3)

Remember, most successful art exhibition hung their pieces in a clean and simple way. This is because it gives each masterpiece the necessary focal point, captivating the viewer. Indeed, when hanging art pieces, less is truly more.

Call various artists

Since you already have an idea about your theme and how you’ll design your shop, the next step you should take is now to call suppliers—in this case, you must start calling the artists. Thankfully, this step isn’t as difficult as you only need to find artists in your community whose works you adore. Then cordially invite them to submit one to three pieces of their work. Also, if you have a good network of artists, feel free to call prominent ones too. Doing so will surely help attract the crowd.

However, if you find yourself short in displays, you can always call for submissions from artists who aren’t in your network. But before inviting them, make sure you do so a couple of months prior to the opening date. This will give ample time for anyone to create a piece of art that’ll match your theme.

If you find yourself with plenty of submissions and responses from various artists, simply choose your favorites. Take note that you must choose those with high quality. Also, give variety to your displays by choosing different mediums and styles, like painting or sculpting.

Generate an experience

Having the right art pieces is only have of the equation for an art event to be successful. But you must also prepare to mingle with your guests for them to feel welcome. Besides, the most important part of an art exhibition is every attendee has a fun time.

To generate an experience, start by having fresh flowers that’ll complement the event’s overall theme. Also, ensure that your food and snacks match every attendee’s dietary needs. So make sure that you have vegetarian options. Take note that the way you’ll display your food and snacks will play an important role in delighting your guests and igniting memories and conversations.

Moreover, remember that people will always take photographs and share them on their preferred social media site, especially since both children and adults can benefit from art. Take advantage of this by creating “Instagrammable” moments in your event. Also, encourage your guests to post on social with the event’s hashtag, allowing word-of-mouth marketing.

Final words

Being an artist can be difficult. But with the right event, you’ll have the opportunity to showcase their work. When done right, the artist may even owe you their gratitude, ensuring that every art event you’ll plan in the future, they’ll also share their pieces for you to display, attracting plenty of people, which is the key ingredient of launching a successful art event. With the tips above, you’re now on the right track to helping the artist.


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